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Installation Problems (SQL)  XML
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Author Message

SysAider from release 7.5 Germany
Joined: 13/03/2012
Messages: 3

Hello everybody,

I hope you can help me i have a little Problem to install SysAid with the MS SQL Server.

When I check the connection there comes a message like:

Exception while checking configuration: Network error IOException: Connection refused: connect

The Configuration is:
JDBC Driver: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver
JDBC URL: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://localhost:1433/sysaid;useCursorsAlways=true
User Name: sa
Password: ***** <- the right one

Thank you for your Help.

Best wishes

SysAider from release 7.5 Fiji
Joined: 11/01/2012
Messages: 10

SQL Server should be using Mixed Authentication mode instead of Windows authentication mode.

SysAider from release 7.5 Germany
Joined: 13/03/2012
Messages: 3


thank you for your Answer.

Mixed Authentication is enabled but it doesn´t work...

I have a Microsoft SQL Express 2008R2 Server, is the "express" the problem?

Do you have any other ideas for me?

Thank you for your help

Best wishes

Elite SysAider

SysAider from release 4.5 United States Pathfinder
Joined: 30/01/2009
Messages: 222

I don't think express is the issue.

Are you able to connect to the SQL server by other methods? I just want to make sure SQL is actually accepting connections

SysAider from release 7.5 Germany
Joined: 13/03/2012
Messages: 3


I can connect to the database with the "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio" without problems.

My MS:SQL experience aren´t so good...
If you want please say me how I can test it right.

And is it possible to import our old sysaid Datas?
We used SysAid before with a sql db to and if it´s possible we will use our old datas in the new System
(We habe a new server but a full backup of the old)

Best wishes & thanks for your help

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SysAider from release 6 United States
Joined: 23/07/2009
Messages: 21

SqlExpress 2008 R2 Issues. Could not get SysAid to connect to a new blank DB.

My SQL DB person finally figured out to go into the "Sql Server Configuration Manager" as opposed to the studio.

"Protocols for SQLEXPRESS" (or whatever you named your instance.

TCP/IP properties need to be enabled

IPALL Section of IP Addresses tab

Set TCP Port to 1433

Then we were able to connect SysAid to SQLExpress on the same machine.

[Thumb - sqlexpress setup.JPG]
 Filename sqlexpress setup.JPG Download
 Description SqlExpress setup
 Filesize 84 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  8 time(s)

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