Routing problem when using email Alias

- I have 1 POP3 email box with 2 email aliases on it.
- Created a routing rules to assign calls to users depending on category/subcategory
- Setup Incoming emails using these aliases and automatically assigning a category/subcategory.

Let say alias1 has email, uses a POP3 mailbox and having the category=TEST and NO subcat .
for alias2 the settings are,, using same POP3 mailbox as alias1 and having the category=SERVICE and NO subcat.
I have set this up in the order mentioned above (so first alias1 and then alias2).

Now, what happens is , when I email a request to , it gets the category=TEST => OK
When I email to, it gets category=TEST => NOT OK

It seems to me that CSS is checking the POP3 box and doesn't care about the 'alias' email address being used.
A bug ? or Email aliases not supported on CSS ?

Any reply is welcome !
SysAid Customer Relations
Dear Raptor

SysAid CSS application is pulling emails from a mailbox and not from aliases.
In order to create the separation you are requesting, you should create two separate mailboxes with two different user names.