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Oded M wrote:An update on the Dell Warranty integration:
We have been able to enable this add on by utilizing an API Dell have provided for warranty lookup based on serial numbers.
Recently Dell have shutdown this method and that is the reason the add on stopped pulling warranty information.

We have been in contact with Dell regarding an alternative API / method and we were told that they have changed the way they work, and effective immediately - they do not allow us as a software vendor to perform this task.

The alternative suggested by them was for each customer to fill out a form and get an API key and then utilize it to pull warranty information - we are looking into this option - but it looks like a complex procedure
I will update once we have other news

Hi Oded & Danny,

Any update on Dell warranty integration ?


SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi IVan,

As stated in the previous page:

There are currently no updates about the Dell integration, unfortunately. However, there may be a way to perform this as a Professional Services project. Please contact your account manager to discuss this topic if you're interested.