Can your organization go 100% paperless?

Do you think your organization can go 100% paperless?
Absolutely 7% [ 6 ]
Not 100%, but I believe we can make some big changes 57% [ 47 ]
We could probably cut down a little bit 24% [ 20 ]
I don't think it's possible 12% [ 10 ]
Total Votes: 83
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These days, there’s one thing that might be more fashionable than your new iPhone: the Green Movement. People all over the world are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon in an effort to keep our planet healthy. For some, this means eating organic fruit; for others it means driving a hybrid car. There is now more pressure than ever for organizations to conserve resources and reduce the amount of paper used around the office. What do you think about it?
I work for a transport & logistics company and for some people paper is holy material. A lot of transport are being confirmed by mail... but they print it anyway.
Then we have the european suppliers, there are still a lot of companies requiring paper proof of delivery(with real signatures). And of course the tax/goverment-officials... I won't start about those people.

I think I can manage without paper starting 2010 and I hope some co-workers will follow.
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We're a mortgage company. We have folders the size of the biggest dictionary. 'Nuff said.
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We work in Insurance. We have lots of paper, no doubt, but we've been converting our systems to paperless for a few years now and are really getting somewhere.
We also work with other companies that we have to deal with and try to get them to send/receive electronic docs, like PDFs, instead of mail.
We also have been using electronic fax that goes straight to users Inboxes for quite a while now.
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This is an ongoing battle in my organisation, what does and doesn't need printing.

I personally think that we could go paperless with the right managers making the right decisions, and people taking a good look at the processes they are doing and being open to change. As it is I am only able to make a difference in the amount of paper we use.

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Engineers ! Floor plans etc need to be printed. Unless you can carry around an A0 screen on a building site ?
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I don't think so... Especially here in Germany paper is kind of a holy cow, so don't slaughter it

IMHO every emergency plan needs to be printed because how could the finest desaster recovery plan be helpfull, if the system is down?

Personally I think paper could be reduced...

just my 2 cents....
It is possible, I don't know if it was in China, they are trying to do one of the most difficult jobs by implementing all the justice ministry digital.

If they can, we can for sure.

Now i'm trying to workout some on a digital management system software.
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