Using the Filter Builder in the IT Benchmark

SysAid CEO

Most IT departments (ours included) have a lot on their plates: providing technical support and ensuring high service quality is a job that requires 24/7 attention. Most teams have little spare time to invest in research, and hiring consultants to analyze your performance is often quite expensive. That's why the IT Benchmark is such a wonderful tool: with very little time and effort, you get detailed insight into how your IT department is performing.

To get the most out of the IT Benchmark, it's important to make sure that you first filter your data with the Filter Builder. This tool ensures that your statistics accurately reflect your actual IT activities.

Let's take the "Average SR's closed per administrator" measurement as an example. For this calculation, you only want to include administrators whose main activities focus on resolving service requests. If an admin who only closes a few service requests a month is included in the calculation, the average will drop dramatically and the measurement won't accurately reflect your true performance. To ensure that your statistics are meaningful, you need to define and exclude relevant values in the Filter Builder.

To use the Filter Builder:
1. Click on the Filter Builder icon next to any measurement.
2. A regular Filter Builder window will open.
3. Choose values under "Statement," "Assigned to," "is not," and the person or group you would like to exclude when this measurement is calculated.
Taking just a few moments with the Filter Builder will ensure that your IT Benchmark results correctly reflect your actual performance. With practically no time and effort, you'll then benefit from instant analysis into your IT department's activities.