Sysaid Remote Control Tool - Where's the Documentation???


I recently installed the latest beta version of the Administration Tools on my machine and it placed the Sysaid Remote Control Tool in my startup menu. It sounds like it might be something different than whats offered in the Sysaid RC area???

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to use this tool because there is no documentation on this tool anywhere on your site. Could you point me in the direction of where I might find this documentation?

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Here is the documentation page, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

SysAid Technical Writer
Hi JBoslooper,

The Administrator Tools have two primary functions. The first is to enable deployment of the SysAid agent. You can read about this in our deployment guide. The second is to enable remote control.

You need to install the Administrator Tools before you can perform a remote control session. After you install the Admin Tools, you will see the Sysaid Remote Control Tool in your start menu. There is no need to access it from here. If you would like to perform a remote control session, you can do so from within SysAid as you would normally. For further information about performing a remote control session, please see page 103 of the SysAid User Manual.

This information will soon be included in the online aid, as well.

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Thank you both for responding but I think I may not have been clear in my original request.

I am currently running version 7.5.03 Beta. After finding out that I needed to completely uninstall the old administrator tools and reinstall them I found that the installer placed the Sysaid Remote Control tool in my startup folder. Now every time I start my computer, the RC Tool opens up waiting for me to enter in a host. I have attached a screen shot to show you what I see after I startup my machine.

Because of this new behavior, I thought there might be new functionality that I wasn't aware of and I was posting to the forum to see if there were any further documentation regarding it. I was able to find information on the Sysaid Remote Control Tool in the documentation area. Here is what I found in the Administrator Tools guide:

"Click on Start->>>Programs--->>SysAid you will see two additional menu options:
Deploy Sys Aid and Sys Aid Remote Control Tool.

The Deployment tool allows SysAid to see the assets on your network. To learn
further about how to use and run the tool, see the Deployment Tool Guide
(Guide 5). "

So I follow along to the Deployment Tool guide (which is not what I am looking for) and I see nothing mentioned in the Deployment Tool guide. I have also looked in the following guides as well:

1. Getting Started
2. Agent Guide
3. End-User Manual
4. Sysaid User Manual (Found Remote Control information using the Sysaid web interface, but still no RC Tool info. Page 120 also mentions it)

Now that I have looked through all of the guides and manuals to find specific information on using the "Sysaid Remote Control Tool" which is now set to run during startup, I still cannot find information as to why I would need it in my startup folder or why I would use it outside of the Sysaid web interface.

So, again I ask. Am I missing something???
I agree that some documentation would be nice. I am using v7.0.05 Pro Edition, and some RC connections work fine, but another (Windows 7, in this case) cause a program crash (of SysAidRC.exe) upon the remote client accepting. I NEED RC to work. Is it compatible with Windows 7?
Thank you Reese. I felt like I was alone here.