SysAid CSS beta 3.0

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The beta for Sysaid CSS 3.0 is just about to be launched!

Please feel free to post any issues you encounter and share your inputs with us!

As you all were already Informed, Those of you who want to participate in the beta, please send us a request,
We already received many requests and are processing them!

I wish us all a great Beta !


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Super SysAider
I have just received an email saying I now have a test version of our production environment that is using the Beta 3 version.
I have logged into this address (containing the "beta") and it still says it is version 2.5.01.

Can you also point me toward the new features of the 3 Beta.

Is there somewhere an overview list of all new features?
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I am still unable to test this Beta, as the test site still seems to be running 2.5, and I do not know what the new features are, so not sure what I should be testing even if I could.
A little help please sysaid.
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Dear Pathfinders,

Please Make sure to check oit the release notes and presentation at:

SysAid Customer Relations

Thank you for your post.

The upgrade to the CSS beta is not done automatically, only if ones register as a pathfinder, and according to our records you didn't registered as one.
If you wish to take part in the beta testing please submit a service request to and we will be happy to add you, or if you have registered please provide us with the account you registered with.

Ido Shomer
SysAid Customer Relations
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Hi Idosh74
Its a bit late now, as the auto upgrade to 3.0 happens this weekend, but I has emailed to get the beta upgrade, and was emailed back asking if I would like the production or a test site upgraded. I said I would like a test site created to test the beta.
I was then emailed saying it had been done, and I was given the URL, but it was no different.
Dear APN,

We have created a copy of your production environment in the beta version, so you can test the new version without affecting your production.

The new system is available at (credentials are the same as in your production).

Couple notes:
* We have disabled the email integration on the sandbox entirely. This will prevent your contacts from receiving emails from the test system (which would just cause confusions) and prevent the sandbox from pulling emails from your production mailbox.
* Feel free to discuss your thoughts and opinions on the community forums. This is also the place to report issues you find.

SysAid IT beta forum:
SysAid CSS beta forum:

Best Regards,
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