Version 3.0 feedback

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Hi all
how are others finding the new features functionality of Version 3.0 of Sysaidcss?
I am a big fan of Sysaidcss and promote if where ever I can, but I am struggling with some of the new features of version 3.0 and they have slowed down my workflow when loggin new faults etc.

The two things I have an issue with are:
1. The "Advanced Dropdown Menues", these are a real pain to use, and find them to not always work. Why would I want an advanced search drop down menu when the drop down contains "Open" and "Closed". When I click on this drop down it automatically opens the size of maybe 10-15 items but all blank, then resizes to the size of the actual content (2 items) plus the "Advanced Search", this takes only 1 sec, but it is a pause in my work flow, and happens to every drop down when entering a fault, so at least 5secs added already. But worse still is the fact that I cannot use the keyboard to select items. I used to tab to the next field/dropdown menu, hit "C" to select "Closed" and tab to the next field/dropdown. I now have to reach over to my mouse, move the cursor to the drop down menu and click it, then click again, or go back to keyboard and start with a few keys to get the selection. Why should I now have to start using the mouse to select items from the list, this is a huge slow down! I also find many times typing in some chars and hitting enter does nothing, so have to click on the advanced search to get some results, then clcik the one I want from there. This is driving me insane with the extra work involved.javascript:emoticon('');

2. Filtering. Previously there where field at the top of the screen so I could click a dropdown menue and select a status of Open, and the result would be a list of only open jobs (my main view, as closed jobs are not really a priority). To achieve this same result, I need to have the "Status" column displaying all the time, just so I can use the column to filter the results. So now I have a column taking up 2inches of my screen all with the same word repeated "OPEN"...why should I have to display all these "OPEN"s just to be able to filter by status. Not impressed Ilient, not impressed at all.

The thing that also bugs me, is these changes are not even consistant. If you look at the other parts of SYSAIDCSS you do not see any advanced search dropdown menues, and status filters at the top remain, so why are they so clunky in the Service Request area.

This is my 2cents. I look forward to any other good or bad feedback regarding the Version 3.0 release
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116 views and no feedback?

No one has any good or bad things to say about version 3.0?

How does SysAid know if they are doing good things, or if there is more the customers want