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"As the mobile landscape expands and diversifies, SysAid is equipped with a pragmatic approach to give you the best help desk IT management, on the go and in the office."
- Israel Lifshitz, SysAid CEO & Founder, in his personal letter to all SysAiders

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SysAid Wiz
It's more an omen than deja vu to me... Lifshitz.

I've never bring myself confident enough to deploy the remote control feature in sysaid, now with mobile capability, I grew even pessimistic I'd ever use it. But you're right... I don't think it's a choice anymore.

So help me :
Please add "providing high quality security and high availability features/controls" into those objectives.

If you will not do it yourself don't pick a partner to do it... design the product to play with ANY solutions in those areas out there.

Even with IPv6 and cloud computing we are still stuggling with those two quite fiercely and lose (judging from the lulz we're having the past months).

Malware is now targeting not only non-windows products but thanks to convergence technology they find their ways to infrastructure like voice and scada devices as well, something once pretty shut-off in closed network.

SysAid is not like any other information system. It is the information system for infrastructure. The crucial importance of those two sectors can not be over stressed. Innovations on those two areas will not only determine if sysaid is in it's own class or it's just "another IT solution" but more importantly will show how much illient values the customers which already a trademark.....

for now.

May the source be with you,
*Slight bow smile*
"I am excited to ride this wave with you and realize the benefits of the mobile revolution together."
- Israel Lifshitz, SysAid CEO & Founder, in his personal letter to all SysAiders

I think we may have to paddle a bit harder to catch the wave.

The concept of the SysAid mobile app is good, but I would like to see some improvements to make it more user friendly.

  • Ability to filter to see only unassigned incidents. Can only select administrators at present. Have to hunt for unassigned through all New incidents.

  • search facility for assets. Filtering not always helpful.

  • remote control connection can be difficult to obtain. HSPA/3G (flaky reception fluctuates between the 2) to ADSL 2+ and can't connect at all. Have connected on ipad with wi-fi (ADSL2+ to ADSL2+), but it dropped out. (Usual laptop VPN on this same connection is stable)

  • Incident list lost if device screen save kicks in while viewing. Can only retrieve if move to assets tab then back again, but any filtering that was in place is not applied. (Android app)

  • Overall heading in the right direction, but needs to be more reliable.

    Also agree with Obelix that security on these mobile devices could be an issue - but that is more than just a SysAid problem.

    Keep up the good work - looking forward to future developments of the mobile app. I think it will be ideal for ipads (and similar tablet devices) because of the extra screen size, but phones are handy in an emergency.