report for work time by admin


In our company we take every day some reports (Administrators with the longest SRs activity time (with filter "category is not x")).
But when admin A is working in an SR of admin B then the time that admin A has worked goes to admin B.
I have found that i can use the Workload by Administrator report but there is no filter option.
What report should i use to have the work time by administrator with a category filter.


EDIT: I am using SysAid v8.1.02 Enterprise Edition

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SysAid Customer Relations
Hi jtechne

I was able to reproduce the issue you described with the "Administrators with the longest SRs activity time" report.
It seems that the report shows only one of the Administrator activities, but it counts the hours of the other Administrator activity, although the user name of that Administrator doesn't appear.
We are currently working on finding a solution for this issue. I will inform you in our progress in the next few days.

As for the "Workload By Administrator" report, unfortunately this report is built in, and it is not possible to add a filter for that report.

Hi Ariel,

Any update on this request.

We also require same kind of report.

As of now are using the activity tab to capture the load per administrator..