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I need to configure SYSAID so when a user sends a massage to the help-desk it will assign a ticket but if the user replies to that massage it will not come into help desk Massage centre. so what is wrong please help.

IF i need to enter some text into the automatic massage to the new service request how can I enter that text e.g I want to say "This abc COMPANY helpdesk please don't open new massage but reply to this email for your future emails regards this service"
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Well if they email your helpdesk email and it's creating tickets, then incoming integration is working. you need # XXXX format in the replies subject line for it add it on to existing tickets.

Can you guide me on how to achieve this because i am tired of constantly having to delete subsequent replies on a ticket that creates another ticket.

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hey Razaqg,

In order for any email to get added to an existing ticket in SysAid, its title needs to include the SR number with the hash character # in front of it in this format: #X. Make sure there are no spaces between the hash character and the number.

For example: "About problem #55". When an email with this title enters the system, it will be automatically added to SR #55.
On the other hand, "About problem # 55" will open a new ticket, since there is space between "#" and "55".

Additionally, please note that SysAid will look for the FIRST hash and number combination and once it catches one, it will ignore the rest.
So if the email's title is, for example "#22: About problem #55", it will automatically add the email to SR #22.

Let me know if this answers your question.

What if you want to change the format of the numbering that goes out in the email to the clients.

Say you have several clients, and you want to make them all feel like they are the only client you support. You want them to feel special.

By customising the SR#'s with a short name for their company they get a feeling of individuality, that they are special and not just another number like everyone else. You want to do everything you possibly can to retain clients in this very competitive market and this is something that doesn't seem like much, but could make the difference between keeping an important client or losing them to someone who makes them feel special.

For example.,

Service requests from Acme Planes Inc, would get the SR of APIxxxxxxx (no commas)
Service requests from Fireworks Fo Fun, would get the SR of FFFxxxxxxx (no commas)
Service Requests from Computer Service Tech, would get the SR of CSTxxxxxxx (no commas).

Could this be done????

If not dynamic then what about customising it just so we loose the comma from the number and add ABC in front instead of the #. Could that be done.

Or could it be done using different email addresses??

All of the above would still need to function correctly for reply email of course.
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi Foxy1968,

The SR prefix can be customized system-wide, but not for individual companies.

In order to customize the prefix, please review SysAid Help > Change SR Prefix.

For individualized prefixes, this may be possible as a special project by our Professional Services team. If you're interested, please contact your account manager for more information.

Alternatively, this can be a feature request, but please note that it might take a long time to be implemented (if at all), due to other pending requests. If you're interested in this route, please create a thread in the Feature Requests forum.