Summing Up Activities for Reports
We are using the Activities field quite a bit to indicate how much time we are spending on SR.

I'd like the ability to report how much total activity time an administrator entered per day, week, month, year.

I'd also like to be able to group that activity time by project. For example, I'd like to know how much total activity time I spent last week on a particular project, or on a particular category, or any other field. (i.e. 5 hours on project x last week)

I've tried doing this with the report wizard but it never spits it out right.
Also a day by day break down would be nice too.

I'd like to look at last week and have it tell me:

Monday - 4 hours (50%) was on project x, 3 hours (30%) was on project y, and 1 hour (20%) was on project z.