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Dear SysAiders,

A Happy New Year and a very warm welcome to a truly momentous year here at SysAid.

Introducing 2009: The Year of the SysAider

While the world encounters major leadership changes this year, we decided to launch the search for own leaders - for the SysAid community that is.

Our new SysAider of the Month Program gives exceptional SysAiders the opportunity to take on prominent and leading roles within our growing community of IT professionals and experts. Our star SysAid contributors of the month will be awarded with prize packages full of sensational SysAid gear.

Currently, we're on the hunt for super SysAider Mods to lead and moderate one or more of our new SysAid sub-forums. Think you'd be perfect for the job? Find out how to apply.

You might have also seen the change in our tagline on January 1st. It's all part of our vision to take the SysAid experience to brand new heights. This slight change reinforces our core belief: 'IT's that simple', and we plan to keep it that way.

On a more creative note: after the great response we received about Coca Cola's internal promotion campaign, our Marketing and Design teams have put together a stylish new collection of SysAid posters for your office. Whether you're launching SysAid for the first time, or seeking to encourage greater use of SysAid among your existing user base, our Marketing Communications department can help you tailor the right campaign.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2009.


Israel Lifshitz


In this issue:

The Year of The SysAider: SysAider of the Month program

You're the Voice: New SysAider Mods and Sub-forums

Kick-off Your Internal Campaign: SysAid posters for your office

Know Your Knowledgebase

A Tip for Setting up Recurring Events in SysAid

Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

SysAid Poll of the Month: Would you Switch your IT to Cloud Computing?

IT Joke: 'The Office'
IT Guy


The Year of The SysAider

Make your mark in 2009!

Welcome to The Year of The SysAider - your year! This 2009, we will be on the lookout for star SysAiders who have gone the extra mile and contributed to SysAid in key ways, or taken on leading roles within the SysAid community.

Every month, we will be awarding prizes to the outstanding SysAider of the Month across five categories. Qualify under one or more of the following categories:

1. SysAider Mod: Please refer to You're the voice below

2. Community Contributor: Contributes proactively with regular postings, new topics and shares expert know-how, tips and experiences

3. Loyal SysAider: Veteran SysAiders or SysAiders who have changed roles and carried SysAid across for deployment in new organizations

4. Internal Promoter: Proactive in promoting awareness and use of SysAid internally within their organization (see Kick-off your Internal SysAid Campaign below)

5. SysAid Evangelist: Spreads the word about SysAid and initiates new referrals and signups (let us know who you have referred and when)

SysAid Prize Package

Our SysAiders of the Month will receive to-die-for SysAid prize packages, complete with hot new SysAid merchandise including:

  • Long-sleeve polo T-shirt
  • SysAid notebook
  • SysAid cap
  • Laptop bag
  • Plus...our favorite coffee enhancer (none other than the SysAid mug)

    Think you're a great candidate for the SysAider of the Month?
    Please fill in our application form and let us know why you're the one.


You're the Voice...

Stand up and be heard!

Right now, we're scouting around for outstanding SysAiders to assume the role of SysAider Mods within the SysAid community. As the voice of the community, new forum owners and moderators will:

  • Manage and edit specific forums (see our new forums directly below)
  • Assist members in navigating and locating information within the forum
  • Ensure forum quality and safety
  • Maintain direct contact with a designated SysAid expert for further assistance/technical support

    Express Yourself SysAid Style

    Speak your mind with our brand new SysAid sub-forums:

    SysAid Newcomers - Everything you need to know to get started
    SysAid ITIL Best Practices - CMDB, Change Management and beyond
    SysAid Integration - SMS, E-mail, IIS, SSO, Database and more
    SysAid Next Level - Implementation success stories
    Local forums (in different languages) - Translation issues/other local topics
    Known Issues - Addressing fixed issues in SysAid
    Beta issues - Comments relating to new SysAid beta releases

    We've also created new sub-forums relating to specific SysAid modules:

    Asset Management
    Manager Portal
    End User Portal

    So how do you apply? Simply fill in our application form, specifying which of the above forum(s) you wish to moderate and your familiarity with the forum niche(s). Let us know a bit about you, and why you would make a great SysAider Mod.


Kick-off your Internal SysAid Campaign

With our hot new range of super-stylish SysAid posters

The success of Coca Cola Israel's internal SysAid launch sparked a flood of responses from other SysAiders keen to promote the use of SysAid within their organizations.

Our Marketing and Design teams were thrilled to put their creative minds together to come up with this new collection of ultra-smart SysAid posters, which we feel captures some of the essence of what SysAid is all about.

Brighten up your office walls with these great new eye-catchers!

New SysAid Posters

Bring SysAid to life in your office...

If you're planning to launch SysAid internally for the first time, or perhaps looking to raise Helpdesk and SysAid awareness among your existing users, please contact our Marketing Communications department for some great new ideas. This is our specialty - we'd love to lend a hand to help you find the right campaign for your organization.


Know Your Knowledgebase

Add this useful tip to your local SysAid Knowledgebase

How can I remove an address from the AutoComplete list in Outlook?

Below are instructions for how to remove a single recipient from the AutoComplete list (.nk2.)

If you are having problems with a single recipient, you can easily delete one item in the cache. In Outlook 2003, from the File menu, choose New and then choose Mail Message.
1) Type one or more letters of the recipient name or address; this will automatically show cached entries in a drop-down list
2) Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the entry to be deleted. Highlight the entry, then press the Delete key on the keyboard.
(Don't press enter first, press delete with the drop down list still showing). This entry is now removed from your AutoComplete/Nickname cache.

Thanks to SysAider 'bobda' for documenting this useful tip. Don't forget, you can integrate this and other Knowledgebase posts directly into your local SysAid. A single click is all it takes.

Our Knowledgebase is brimming with other handy hints like this to help you save time and reduce your load. Feel free to share the ones that work for you, and help build a powerful IT Helpdesk Knowledgebase open for all.


A Tip for Setting Up Recurring Events in SysAid

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support Team

Hello all,

I hope you all had a great holiday season. New Year is always the time for new resolutions - so now that we are all back at the office, my tip this month will be in the spirit of new resolutions. Every New Year I make the same resolution to be as organized as possible (which might sound familiar to some), so the tip I am about to share with you today is the option to define a recurring event under the SysAid Task & Project module (available in the SysAid Full Edition only).


By recurring event, I mean making a list of all the things you need to do on regular basis, like backing up all the servers, receiving new employees, submitting reports - I am sure the list goes on for all of us.

Now wouldn't you like to be notified about items on your list ahead of time, to avoid having to stay late at work the night before to get them done?

If you're like me, I'm sure the answer is yes! So here's what you can do:

Under the SysAid Task & Project module, set up a new status which will identity these projects (ie. ones that aren't ongoing) from your regular projects. Try something like 'Recurring Event' and then open the whole list as projects.

Under each project, you can create a list of tasks that need to be done in order to complete this assignment. For example, the project 'New Employee' could be divided into tasks like:

- Purchase a computer
- Open an account on LDAP
- Set up an extension on CTI

The list of tasks can also be assigned to different people, as not all of them have to be done by us of course.

One more thing I'd like to point out is the Notification Template. By notification, we mean actions. So you can define different templates containing different actions that you would like SysAid to undertake when the project is due. Set SysAid to open a Service Request, send emails, text messages, or all of the above.

Now all that's left to do is connect the notification template to your project and decide what your notification schedule will be. For example, you could set up a timetable for every day, week or month, or run it on-demand as required (eg. like when you hire a new employee).

I hope this will help you to stay organized in 2009.

If you need more details, feel free to contact our support team.

Please also contact us if you would like to evaluate this module free of charge for 30 days.

I wish you all a happy 2009.

Visit SysAid community to comment about this tip.


Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

So you think you've got your hands full?

Find out if the grass is really greener...


How many users do you support?
This thread, opened by CCSO IT begins with: "I am curious to see how many end users (or 'computer breaking creatures') each of you supports with SysAid...At the moment we have a total of 663 end users."

Heidi, on the other hand, is interested to know:
How many SysAid requests do you receive per month?

Super SysAider Harold Ballinger reports having "approx 1600 employees at approximately 150 distributed facilities/locations, with continual growth of between 25-50% annually. We track everything in the helpdesk - all calls, all walk-by questions, everything...Our ticket volume is declining, but the complexity of the requests is increasing and we have more 'user training' issues as departments implement more technology solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, etc. The good news is that the impact upon the business processes due to technology issues has drastically been reduced. Helpdesk tickets are no longer indicative of an "outage" or direct impact upon someone's ability to 'do their job'. Read here about how many users Harold supports per month and share your own figures with the community.


SysAid Poll of the Month: Would you switch your IT to cloud computing?

Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) providers are expected to make vast improvements in 2009. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, '...the slumping economy now has many businesses looking at the category for the first time.' Computer World industry pundits call cloud computing one of the Juiciest predictions for '09'.

Would you consider switching your IT to cloud computing?

Please take our super-quick poll and let us know your thoughts on this.

Last month we asked:

Has the recession affected the IT budget in your organization for 2009?
54% of SysAiders experienced IT budget cuts, while for 33% there was no change. A mere 10% had otherwise to report.

Reduced 54%
No Change 33%
Increased 10%
Don't know 3%

Joke: 'The Office' IT Guy