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Dear SysAid Users,

Now is a particularly exciting time for us in Ilient. We are looking forward to hearing your opinions about the new SysAid 4.5.01 version, which is due already by the end of May! Some of you have signed up as the beta version testers, and you will be assisting us by trying out the new version in general and the new SysAid Monitoring tool in particular.

Now that SysAid 4.5.01 beta is being tested, we have already started working on SysAid 5.0 version, which will include many more valuable features, and also a whole new, user friendly and professional interface.

We plan to do our very best to make sure you are satisfied with our product and customer service. Please let us know what you think! Take only a few minutes to answer our User Satisfaction Survey.

I wish you all a fruitful May,
Israel Lifshitz, Ilient's CEO.

SysAid User Satisfaction Survey

Your Opinion Counts!

It is extremely important for us to find out your opinion about the quality of our products and services.
We kindly ask you to fill out our short user satisfaction survey.

It will take you less than 5 minutes and help us to get more information about our users' satisfaction level.

Please follow the link to visit our User Satisfaction Survey page.

How to set up SysAid to send notifications for new service requests?

Sarah Newsletter Tip

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of Ilient Support Team
Some of you have asked me to clarify how to set an automatic notification for a new service request in SysAid.

There are a few elements that need to be set up before you compose and begin operating the automatic notification function provided in SysAid, and in particular, a notification of a new service request:

1. Setting up email integration
2. Choosing the appropriate priority for the notifications
3. Arranging the routing rules for the notification
4. Assigning the notifications to certain administrators or administrator groups

Click here to the full explanation!

A Useful Tip for SysAid Users

How to add texts that will appear only for a certain category in the SysAid End User Portal?

Sometimes giving some information in the right place and at the right time to your end users can save a great deal of work for the IT team.
You may want, for instance, that end users that are about to send a service request regarding a problem with a certain printer on your network will see the following text:

Before submitting your service request, please make sure that you have restarted the printer, and that there is enough toner and enough paper in the machine.

It is very simple to customize SysAid to display such a text in the "Submit a Service Request" page in the end user portal, only when the service request the end user is about to submit is related to printers!

ITIL Best Practice

Who is an Excellent IT Support Staff Member?

Not everyone who has the required technical knowledge can actually be an excellent IT administrator. The technical support providers are the people with whom your customers or users communicate on a regular basis, and thus, the members of your IT staff are the main representatives of your organization.

Therefore, choosing the right people for your IT team can guarantee the success of your service desk. Here are a few important characteristics a person you would want to add to your IT staff should have:

  • Excellent interpersonal relations
  • Articulated and attentive
  • Well organized
  • Kind and respectful
  • Multilingual – if required
  • Ambitious and aspiring to provide excellent service
  • Identifying with your organizations' objectives

Look for the most suitable people to improve the quality of your IT services.

Help Desk Joke

Many thanks to Charley Cormier, an IT Office Specialist working for FPHSA, who uses SysAid, and who shared this joke with us:

Customer: Something is wrong with my computer. I was working, then
all of a sudden the screen went black!

Helpdesk: Can you tell me what you were doing when the screen went

Customer:I was working on a spreadsheet, right about the time our
building lost power! Then wham, my screen went black!