SysAid to Launch New Mobile Asset Management Add-On and App at Upcoming ITSM Show in London

Add-On for Configuration Management Database Makes It Easy to Track Assets via Barcodes

Tel Aviv, Israel – June 3, 2015 – SysAid Technologies Ltd., a global provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, announced today that the company will roll out its new mobile asset management add-on and iOS app with barcode scanning, audit, and reporting capabilities at the ITSM Show in London on June 3-4, 2015. The barcode add-on will significantly enhance SysAid service desk operations as an add-on to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

SysAid developed the barcode add-on to help customers who were looking for new solutions to manage assets, track inventory (including check-in and check-out transactions), and access more robust auditing and reporting capabilities.

The SysAid barcode add-on also gives users the ability to add data about the asset, including the asset type, cost, and depreciation formula. After scanning an asset into the CMDB, users can check assets out to people or locations. By using a barcode reader or the SysAid barcode app on a mobile device, users can scan assets and access the CMDB record in real time, update records with key information such as asset condition, ownership, and location, and sync current data with the CMDB.

The SysAid barcode app gives users powerful new capabilities, enabling service desk professionals to easily process inventory intake and conduct audits across multiple levels (people, locations, departments, rooms, floors, buildings, etc.). The mobile asset management add-on allows users to create reports for departments that need to track asset data for a variety of purposes, including financial and purchasing forecasts and asset loss reduction initiatives.

“The barcode add-on significantly enhances SysAid service desk operations by providing new tracking capabilities plus valuable insights to enable sound decision-making beyond just the IT department,” said Oded Moshe, VP Product at SysAid Technologies. “The barcode add-on enables better forecasting, superior inventory control, dynamic maintenance control, and the ability to incorporate change management and control for all organizational assets.”

ITSM Show attendees are encouraged to stop by the SysAid booth to see the new barcode add-on and app in action. To learn more about SysAid Technologies, please visit



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