SysAid Tasks & Projects

Manage your IT and business projects better. With SysAid Tasks & Projects you can create projects, and schedule and assign the specific project tasks to project participants, with deadlines for completion. With SysAid’s project management software, you can also view projects’ progress in charts plus the links and dependencies between project tasks.

Project Management Planning and Scheduling

When starting a new project, the project manager can use SysAid’s project management software to schedule the project tasks that relate to all the activities necessary to complete and deliver the project:

  • Assign project tasks to the appropriate IT and business personnel
  • Schedule project deadlines and estimate the amount of time to complete project tasks
  • Create dependencies between project tasks to coordinate and manage the order in which to complete the tasks
  • Customize the project notifications sent to assigned project team members, both on a project level and related to individual project tasks
SysAid Tasks & Projects: Project Gantt Charts

See the Business Impact of Every Project Task

The SysAid Tasks & Projects module is fully integrated with the SysAid CMDB, so you can quickly identify and evaluate the business impact of every project task you schedule. For example, if you need to take down a server, you can add the server as a Configuration Item (CI) to your task and view the relationships it has with other CIs (IT services and other IT assets in your network). So if the server is offline, who and what will it impact? This will help you schedule the project task for a time when it will have minimal effect on the operations of your organization.

Create Recurring Tasks for Both Project and Routine Work

While much of your IT team’s work might involve dealing with the new, and potentially dynamic, situations that arise every day, there are always IT tasks that recur on a regular basis. SysAid Tasks & Projects allows you to create recurring tasks, on a weekly or monthly basis, that will send IT personnel related notifications via a SysAid ticket, email, or SMS text message. This way, they won’t miss routine maintenance work or any other recurring activity.

Manage Multiple Projects

SysAid’s project management software allows you to easily manage all of the project tasks that your IT team is working on across multiple projects. The SysAid Tasks & Projects project task list shows you the project that each task belongs to, as well as its category, status, start time, end time, estimated completion time, and progress percentage. You can also access the activity log for every project task to see which actions have been taken, and view detailed Gantt charts that show all of the project tasks and their progress grouped per category.

Assessment Tools for Monitoring Projects

For the most part, monitoring the progress of your projects is identifying issues and bottlenecks. With SysAid’s project management software, once you’ve created project tasks for all of your project actions, you can ensure they’re being properly executed using a variety of assessment tools.
  • View a log of all project activities undertaken by project personnel during their task completion
  • Run reports to see the status of all project tasks and projects, and their percentage completion
  • Intuitive Gantt charts give you a graphical view of a project’s progress, with the corresponding tasks grouped by category
  • Read a history of all changes to the project and the affected project tasks

SysAid Tasks & Projects is an optional extra module for both the SysAid ITSM and SysAid Help Desk editions.