SysAid Mobile Device Management (MDM)

SysAid Mobile Device Management allows you manage company-owned and employee mobile devices, and provides you with a toolset to set up a BYOD policy in your organization.

Cradle to Grave Mobile Device Management

Enrolling mobile devices with SysAid MDM is easy. Simply send each end user a device enrollment notification, via email or SMS, asking them to enroll to SysAid. Clicking the link in the notification allows them to enroll directly from their mobile device. With SysAid Mobile Device Management:

  • Get easy inventory management of mobile devices by owner
  • Easily create, assign, and modify mobile device policies
  • Enroll or un-enroll mobile iOS and Android devices over-the-air (OTA)
  • Deploy preconfigured WIFI settings with no need for end-user involvement
  • Set predefined email settings on the end-user's device (iOS devices only)
  • Enforce passcodes, plus improve mobile security with remote reset, lock, and wipe capabilities
  • View the installed mobile apps (via SysAid Mobile Device Management’s asset management and monitoring capabilities)
  • Secure critical company data on both company-owned and employee mobile devices

Thus, for example, there is no need to give out the building’s WiFi password to your employees - simply deploy it directly to their device using SysAid Mobile Device Management. You can also change WiFi password or the corporate email settings without involving your users ﹘ again simply push these settings to devices via SysAid Mobile Device Management.

All SysAid Mobile Device Management communications between mobile devices and the SysAid Server are fully secured. To ensure this, SysAid Mobile Device Management operates only in environments configured as follows:

  • There is SSL access to the SysAid Server using a valid, signed certificate
  • The SysAid Server is accessible from the internet using SSL
  • For iOS, a special APNs certificate has been issued and uploaded to your SysAid Server
For more information, please read the Guide to SysAid Mobile Device Management (MDM).


SysAid MDM: Mobile Device Management

Administrator Capabilities

In order to manage SysAid Mobile Device Management, an administrator must have the Manage Mobile Devices permission set correctly. This will enable them to:

  • Register corporate and employee-owned devices (as part of your corporate BYOD policy) with SysAid Mobile Device Management
  • Initiate individual or bulk device enrollment
  • Apply or modify default device policy settings via SysAid Mobile Device Management
  • Tailor the device enrollment request notification email or SMS to suit your company
  • Set custom policies
  • View detailed hardware and software inventory for all enrolled mobile devices
  • Perform wipe, lock, and reset device passcode mobile actions

Mobile Device Security: Reset, Lock, Wipe

SysAid Mobile Device Management provides authorized administrators with a number of critical remote device management options:

  • Reset Passcode: Resets the passcode for the mobile device. If the device policy requires a passcode, the end user is prompted to immediately enter a new one.
  • Lock: Locks the mobile device. Once locked, the end user must reenter the device passcode to resume using the device.
  • Wipe: Erases all data on the mobile device, restoring settings to their factory defaults. Wipe is typically only used if a company-owned or employee mobile device is lost or stolen.