10 Reasons to Choose SysAid’s Ticketing System

There are many ticketing systems out there for customers to choose from. While many will have similar capabilities, some will not, and the capabilities will differ in terms of breadth and depth. Then, of course, there is price and support, and how all three factors – capabilities, price, and support – map to the customer’s needs. For instance, capabilities might far exceed what the customer needs but the price may far exceed what they wish to pay. Or, the price is great but it comes at a cost – lacking a suitable level of ongoing support and a workable business relationship.

There are a number of reasons why companies choose SysAid’s ticketing system, and of those is choice – in that SysAid offers both cloud and on-premise delivery models, and different capability and pricing levels; from ticketing system, through help desk software, to a full IT service management (ITSM) solution. The ticketing system is also highly flexible – allowing for easy configuration and customization. customers also tell us that we are one of the best-value ticketing systems on the market.

But these are an overlay to the real reasons why customers commonly choose SysAid’s ticketing system – as it will help to:

  • Improve the quality of service delivery and IT support
  • Increase the efficiency of ticketing system, help desk, and IT operations
  • Save money in terms of ticketing system software costs, and Improve the end-user experience

In particular, SysAid’s ticketing system can help customers through:

  • Providing all the ticketing system essentials. Your organization can start with what it needs now, confident in the knowledge that it can build on its ticketing system as the organization and its IT support maturity grows.
  • Consistency and ease-of-use. Standardized user interfaces, capabilities, categorization, and procedures are applicable across the whole of the SysAid ticketing system, making it easy for IT staff to move between different capabilities and screens.
  • Proven capabilities, with a large customer base worldwide. Not only should the large customer base provide reassurance as to the industry relevance of SysAid’s ticketing system, it also means that there is a strong customer voice to offer up future enhancements, and that someone with similar operational issues may be available in the SysAid Online Community.
  • Choice of delivery mechanisms. Whether you need an on-premise ticketing system for compliance purposes or the flexibility of the cloud and SaaS, SysAid is relevant to whatever your needs are.
  • Breadth of access and communication channels. Not only does moving end users to self-service and self-help, chat, and email save the IT organization money, end users now expect to see these modern, consumer-world access and communication channels in the workplace.
  • A wide range of reporting options. Ticketing systems need to be so much more than just a vehicle to capture issue and request data. Dashboards and reporting – to allow the analysis of help desk and incident management and problem management performance – are an essential part of ensuring that operations are optimal, targets are being met, and potential improvements are identified and acted upon.
  • Being a ticketing system that offers more than just ticketing. The SysAid ticketing system also offers capabilities related to self-service portal, knowledge management, IT asset management, remote support, password reset, monitoring, and more.
  • Flexibility. SysAid’s ticketing system is easy to configure and customize as needed. It’s also modifiable as your company grows, with the ability to easily change the categories and other variables as often as is right for you.
  • Industry benchmarks and the SysAid Online Community. Assess your company’s ticket management performance versus other SysAid customers from around the world. Also learn from SysAid, partners, and customers via the resource-laden Community.
  • Pricing flexibility and excellent value. Start small and grow at your own pace without having to initially pay for what you think you might need later.

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