Customize SysAid to meet virtually any need or requirement, integrate with third-party apps, write custom scripts, add form validation rules, and more.

Help Desk customized notifications

Customizable Notifications

SysAid comes with a set of predefined notifications triggered by specific events, such as new ticket submission, service record changes, and more. The notification content and layout are fully customizable to include all the relevant data needed. Notifications support application variables and HTML code.

Customizable Logo

You can replace the SysAid logo with the logo of your company to make SysAid look and feel like an internal application from within your company.

HTML Customization

Most of the HTML files in SysAid are customizable. You can modify HTML files to adjust the page layout, manipulate functionalities, and edit page content. For example, you can control the visibility of certain features in the Self-Service Portal based on user group membership.

The ease of use, wealth of features and off-the-shelf approach are the building blocks of what makes SysAid better than other products. Dragan Tomas, IT Assistant, Holladay Properties

Customize Embedded Submission Form

Using SysAid Web Forms you can create a customized Service Record Submission Form and embed it into any website of your choosing.  This allows your end users to submit a service record directly into SysAid without the need to access the Self-Service Portal.

Additional Custom Fields

SysAid comes with built-in custom fields of each type (text, notes, integer, list, date), which can be used for your own purposes. For example, you can use a custom date field, directly from within the request submission form, to let your end users specify a preferred time for maintenance.

Custom field captions can be renamed via the translation file to clearly represent its designated purpose.


Customizable Lists

All lists in SysAid (service records, users, assets, etc.) are customizable. Each customized list can be saved as a separate view. This allows you to easily retrieve and view your data in many useful ways. For each view you can:

  • Decide which fields (columns) are visible in the list
  • Control their order
  • Define filters
  • Sort the list by any column

Customizable Forms

Most entities in SysAid have many properties (fields). Some properties may be useful for one organization and irrelevant for another. Because of this, all forms in SysAid (service records, users, assets, etc.) are customizable. For each form, you can:

  • Create tabs, as many as you need
  • Decide which fields are visible in each tab
  • Control the order of the fields
  • Mark fields as mandatory or read-only
  • Set the default value, if necessary

Customizable Self-Service Portal

SysAid Self-Service Portal is fully customizable whereby you can specify which features are available to your users (e.g. FAQs, Chat). Also, you can define the required behavior for some of the available capabilities within the Self-Service Portal. For example, you can specify whether end users are allowed to close their own tickets, and if they are, then what status shall be assigned to those tickets after they are closed.


Multilanguage Support

SysAid's administrator interface is available in ten languages and the Self-Service Portal interface is available in 42 languages. Using the built-in translate feature you can customize any of the built-in languages according to your needs, or translate SysAid into a language for which a translation does not yet exist.