Deliver any mobile app to your employees remotely with zero implementation time or maintenance needed


Available from SysAid 15.1.50
SysAid Edition:
ITSM Cloud and On-Premise




Nubo is the world’s first remote Android workspace, which stores zero data on mobile devices. Together with the SysAid Asset Management module, you get the ultimate security and mobile management for your BYOD devices.


Main Features

  • Transfer each virtual mobile device to SysAid as an asset with all details - OS, apps, etc.
  • Information regarding who is currently online on the virtual mobile devices
  • Last logins to the virtual mobile devices
  • Remote control to the virtual mobile device to help support an issue directly from a ticket
  • Send an invite to Nubo directly from SysAid’s user interface



  • Data sync of mobile devices to SysAid Asset Management
  • Agent style tracking of information, such as online users, last login details, remote control
  • Register devices to Nubo from within SysAid



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