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October 2017

Summer 17

Version 17.4.10 (Gradual rollout: October 22 - October 29)

We've Made It Easier to Find Automatic Texts

When an admin clicks the Automatic Texts icon in the Send Message window, the texts are conveniently displayed alphabetically.



July - October 2017

Summer 17

Version 17.3.11 - 17.3.60

Email Integration Enhancement

The automatic dispatch functionality now applies to SRs generated by emails that were assigned to an admin group via email rules.

More Bulk Actions Available in SR List

Admins can now assign multiple SRs to an admin group.

New Self-Service Portal features

  • Admins can publish news items in a collapsable side pane
  • Admins can customize the order in which widgets are displayed
  • Admins can choose to display the Scoreboard and FAQ widgets side-by-side
  • End users can now search the Self-Service Portal for terms that appear in SRs, Categories, and Templates
  • End users can access live chat support from the Self-Service Portal

Enhanced Capabilites in the Self-Service Portal

  • Admins can search for specific terms and filter by category, SR, or templates.
  • End users can change their profile photo in the My Settings page.

New Marketplace Page for Add-Ons and Third-Party Integrations
The Third-Party Integrations page was split into a My Apps page, which contains add ons and integrations that admins have already acquired, and a Marketplace page where admins can browse and acquire the add-ons and integrations they want.

Improved Admin Options for Customizing the Self-Service Portal

  • Select a desired height for the displayed banner
  • Open a theme preview that dynamically updates as the theme colors are modified
  • Embed an IFrame in the Self-Service Portal to display an external website for users

New SMS Integration Providers
Amazon Web Services SNS and Clickatell SMS Platform have been added to the list of available providers.

Enhanced Flexibility in BI Analytics Charts
BI Analytics now supports relative dates such as last month, and this month.

Enhancement to Password Self-Service
Users with access to Password Self-Service can set and change the answers to their security questions in the Self-Service Portal.

New Self-Service Portal
SysAid's new Self-Service includes many new features including:

  • Brand new user interface
  • Codeless customization of themes, banners, and toolbox items
  • New SR scoreboard for end-users
  • And more...

Shibboleth Integration
Admins can automatically login to SysAid using their Shibboleth credentials.


Previous Cloud Highlights



April 2017 - June 2017

Latest Release SysAid Spring 17

Versions 17.2.10 - 17.2.50

SysAid Patch Managmentment Increased Support
The software product list, in your patch management policies, is continuously updated with additional products that admins can patch.

Enhanced LDAP Integration UI
The LDAP integration UI now includes:

  • List and Form interface for easier access to LDAP integration configuration
  • Credentials selection instead of Username and Password fields

Increased Flexibility in the Agent Depoyment Plan List
Admins can edit the values for fields for multiple deployment plans simultaneously, in the Agent Deployment Plan list.

Updates to SMS Integration
Admins have a wider variety of SMS providers to choose from and they have enhanced flexibility in configuring their integration.

Added Flexibility in BI Analytics
The Open SR Overview chart now contains many more options of varied fields to display in the graph, crafting your BI dashboard to fit your needs.


January 2017 - April 2017

SysAid Winter 17

Versions 17.1.20 - 17.1.70

Increased Password Services Access
The requirements for setting up Password Services have been lowered, i.e. domain administrator permissions are no longer needed.

Improved Support for SNMPv3 in Credentials Management
Admins can now configure all encryption and authentication methods offered by SNMPv3 in the Credentials form.

Animated Summary Report
This year (2017), admins can select a new personalized music video, featuring SysAid's Joe The IT Guy, to summarize their help desk data.

See Release Notes



September 2016 - December 2016

SysAid Autumn 16

Versions 16.4.40 - 17.1.10

Microsoft EWS Protocol Support
Admins can now select the EWS protocol when configuring incoming email integration and calendar sync.

Trello Integration
Admins can sync SysAid with their Trello accounts so that pre-defined SRs automatically appear as cards in Trello boards.

New LDAP Integration Capability
SysAid can automatically disable LDAP-imported admins that are no longer available in the Active Directory.

Upgraded Interface for Custom Notifications
Admins can access custom notifications in a new, intuitive list/form interface that allows them to simultaneously view a notification's subject and body.

Slack Integration Enhancement
Create tickets or link a Slack channel to a ticket with Slack slash commands.

SysAid Barcode App for Android
Admins with Android devices can use SysAid Barcode to create CIs in SysAid, check in and check out CIs, and perform inventories using CI bar codes.

Slack integration
Admins can integrate SysAid with Slack to improve team collaboration:

  • Create Slack channels
  • Pull Slack data into SysAid
  • Post messages to Slack channels from SysAid

Enhancements to Asset Discovery and Agent Deployment

  • New intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing SNMP and WMI asset discovery scans.
  • When admins deploy agents to WMI-discovered assets from the asset list, they can select the following parameters for the deployment: RDS, agent settings configuration, and credentials.

Unified approach for agent deployment and agent settings management *

  • New intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing agent deployments across domains and IP ranges.
  • Admins can manage multiple agent settings configurations from a single location.

Patch Management update *
SysAid automatically updates the Patch Management licenses when the SysAid agent is upgraded to the most recent version.

* Note: Your RDS must be running the latest version in order for your scheduled agent deployments to continue to run and for your Patch Management to receive the updated license.

See Release Notes



July 2016 - August 2016

SysAid Summer 16

Versions 16.3.20 - 16.4.10

New agent installation method
Admins can deploy and undeploy agents via the RDS, directly from the SysAid interface.

Credential Management
Admins can store domain credentials and automatically apply them when deployting the agent via the RDS.

SysAid Vendor Management
Admins can define SysAid to automatically generate asset ID prefixes specific to an asset's vendor.

For those who missed the announcement, the Nagios Monitoring Dashboard is now available. This release also includes several bug fixes and UI enhancements.

See Release Notes



April 2016 - July 2016

SysAid Spring 16

Versions 16.1.50 - 16.3.10

Nagios Dashboard
The Nagios monitoring tool allows admins to automatically generate SRs from Nagios events and alerts. It also allows admins to import hosts monitored in Nagios to SysAid Asset Management.

Clustered display for report bar charts
Admins can choose to display a report's bar chart data in stacked or clustered (side-by-side) bars.

Import new categories to SysAid
Admins can import new SR categories from a .csv file to SysAid.

Additional category control
Categories can be limited to specific admin groups.

Round-robin ticket routing
Admins can automatically route certain tickets to the least busy admin in a specified admin group.

Change from Flash to HTML5
Charts and graphs that were based on Flash technology, such as those in Dashboards and IT Benchmark, now run on HTML5.

Visual workflow
A new graphical representation of workflows is now available and includes Action Item statuses and dependencies.

Ping-specific network card
When an asset has multiple network cards, admins can select which network card to ping.

Duplicate email rules
Admins can duplicate an email rule to use as the basis for a new rule.

Duplicate sub-types
Admins can duplicate a sub-type to use as the basis for a new sub-type.

BI Analytics enhancements

  • Timer sheet includes Custom Column calculations.
  • Admins can modify certain charts to display different dimensions.

Performance improvements

  • SysAid's family of available third-party integrations and add-ons has expanded!
  • This release also offers improvements to the newly released BI Analytics module as well as other performance improvements and resolved issues.
  • New performance improvements now speed up the rate at which SysAid operates.

See Release Notes



November 2015 - March 2016

SysAid Winter 16

Versions 15.4.01 - 16.1.50

Cloud enhancements
Cloud infrastructure upgrades and performance enhancements.

Enhancements to the new Reporting module

  • Admins can now filter report data by categories that contain any given text that they specify.
  • Automatic calculations is now available for additional fields

Schedule automatic imports
Cloud users can schedule automatic imports of entities such as companies, assets, CIs, and users from a .csv file via the RDS.

More Mac agent features
The Mac agent supports the following additional features:

  • Dynamically change agent settings from the Asset list.
  • Customize the desktop icon that opens the End-User Portal.
  • Redirect requests from one RDS to another.

More formats available for reports
Admins can select to export reports to .pdf, .csv, or .xls formats.

Duplicate reports
Admins can duplicate existing reports to use them as templates for new reports.

Minimum threshold for report charts

  • Admins can set a minimum threshold for displaying items in a report, so only a certain number of entities are displayed in a chart.
  • Admins can also choose to display all other entities in one entity entitled "Others".

New Reporting module
The new SysAid Reporting module includes a completely revamped user interface, new report design capabilities to better tailor reports, drag-and-drop functionality, a dynamically updated preview of your report output, and more.

Enhanced UI for managing groups
Improvements to User Groups now allow admins to add admins and users to groups from the user's record, display more information for group members from within the group pages, and more.

Add emails to an SR's Note field
Admins can set email replies on an SR to automatically populate in the SR's Notes field. This gives end users access to the email conversation, and enhances the visibility of the end user's feedback for the assigned admin.

See Release Notes