SysAid CloudRelease Notes

December 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
23742Upgraded the General Settings page to provide more granular control over automatic notifications sent to various admins. Read more...Help Desk
34263When admins define conditions for a SysAid email rule, they have the added option to filter for email addresses that are in the originating email's "To" field. Read more...Email Rules
34245Extended the reach of "Limit to Company Data" setting to apply to groups, online users, and other aspects of the user interface. As part of this change, we've added the "Company" field to the "Group" list and form. Service Desk
December 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
33965When admins create SRs from templates, the Templates drop-down list will only display those templates that they have permissions to access. Service Desk
25050New storage capacity fields are available for adding to the Asset Entity report* (*Gradually released since version 18.3.10).Reports
November 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
24667Admins can configure the SysAid agent to display broadcast messages, chat, and remote control requests in Windows and Mac notification interfaces for an improved, standardized user experience.Agent
32765SysAid generates a record in the event log for updates to templates and sub-types.Service Desk
October 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
25298The Skype for Business integration allows admins to open Skype sessions for users directly from a service record. Read more...Third-Party Integrations
33348The Self-Service Portal settings have been reorganized for a better user experience.Self-Service Portal
32735SysAid's integration with Slack allows for admins to integrate multiple Slack accounts with SysAid.Third-Party integrations
33657The Self-Service Portal's enhanced customization capabilities allow admins to remove the Solution field from the SR view. Self-Service Portal
31586Network Discovery failures are displayed in red text in the real-time Network Discovery console, making it easier for admins to identify issues that require their attention.Network Discovery
33620TeamViewer Embedded supports advanced proxy settings configured for the SysAid agent.TeamViewer Embedded
July 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
31687Email Integration appears in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience.Email Integration
31549Settings specific to the End-User Portal have been moved to a separate page. End-User Portal
33479Added a new option to the User Name DIsplay Method drop-down list for increased customizability. Customization
33340After a refresh, LDAP integration updates users 'enabled' status based on the values in the Active Directory.LDAP Integration
July 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
33211TeamViewer Embedded has incorporated an improved communication protocol for faster initiation of remote control sessions. TeamViewer Embedded
32341The SolarWinds integration allows you to automatically generate, update, and close SRs based on events that SolarWinds detects on assets in your network. Third-Party Integrations
32813Admins can hide the Help option in the Self-Service Portal's profile menu.Self-Service Portal
30960The character limit for the User Roots, Group Roots, UserClassFilter, and GroupClassFilter fields in LDAP integration has been increased to 4000.LDAP Integration
33195The Self-Service Portal's search function displays FAQ items that are related to categories that contain keywords from the search criteria.Self-Service Portal
June 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
32548Admins can hide the "Submit an Incident" and "Submit a Request" buttons in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
32547Admins can customize the text for custom field captions in the translation file.Customization
April 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
31865Admins can select an out-of the-box high contrast Self-Service Portal theme for enhanced accessibility.Self-Service Portal
31413Admins can configure the Self-Service Portal Scoreboard to display archived SRs. Self-Service Portal
31916SysAid does not allow admins to deploy updated versions of the agent to assets running Windows XP.Agent
32367Admins can decide to use an asset's MAC address for its asset ID or to generate a random asset ID for each asset.Asset Management
31988The color of the border of the News widget in the Self-Service Portal is determined by the "Border" parameter in the selected theme.Self-Service Portal
32018When the SR submission form, in the Self-Service Portal, contains only a single page, the tab headings are not displayed.Self-Service Portal
31964Admins can customize the text for the "None" value in the Main Asset field displayed in the Self-Service Portal with text that applies specifically to that field. Self-Service Portal
April 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
30852The Network Discovery console includes more real-time information about activity on assets running Linux. Network Disvovery
31888Improved support for Self-Service Portal in Internet Explorer 11. Self-Service Portal
March 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
22687Admins can simultaneously set a parent SR for multiple SRs from the SR list.Help Desk
31649Due dates appear in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience.Help Desk
31762Timers appear in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience.Help Desk
18659The SysAid agent validates the MD5 checksum of files to prevent downloading corrupted or compromised files.Agent
27060Admins can access the Self-Service Portal Banner text in the Translation file. Self-Service Portal
30036When an admin requests agent logs, SysAid now automatically runs the Agent Health Check utility and adds the results to the logs file retrieved by the agent. Agent
February 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
30673Admins can utilize TeamViewer QuickSupport to perform attended remote control sessions with TeamViewer Embedded despite UAC limitiations on users without administrator access.TeamViewer Embedded
31451Routing rules appear in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience.Help Desk
30659End users are able to filter their Scoreboard lists within the Self-Service Portal, based on the defined fields that are displayed in the list.Self-Service Portal
30042Admins can add tabs to incident and request submission forms in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
27296Admins can specify groups and/or companies who cannot access a toolbox item in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
30386Admins can designate the incident and/or request submission options in the Self-Service Portal as visible to guests or unregistered users who access the Self-Service Portal via the hotkey.Self-Service Portal
31112The ADFS integration supports ADFS 2016.Third-Party Integration
30850More real-time agent deployment details are displayed in the Network Discovery console and Agent Deployment logs when deploying the SysAid agent on Mac computers.Agent
30992The name of the user in the Activities tab is set according to the specified user display method. Help Desk
31129Search results in the Self-Service Portal are no longer limited to the last four months.Self-Service Portal
26619Admins can merge the contents of multiple service records into a single service record. Read more...Help Desk
January 2018
FR# Description Module/Tool
30567Detailed information regarding agent deployment failures is displayed in real-time in the agent deployment console and is saved to the agent deployment log. Agent
30541The agent healthcheck has added tests for TeamViewer Embedded and SysAid Gateway.Agent
30799Admins can apply separate static filter queries to individual tabs in the Self-Service Portal Scoreboard widget. Self-Service Portal
30822The My Activities toolbox item links to the Scoreboard widget even when the Scoreboard is not displayed in the Self-Service Portal home page.Self-Service Portal
31172The My Apps page only displays integrations and add-ons that have been installed on that account. Third-Party Integrations
December 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
25470Admins can display SR activities in the SR form in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
29664Admins can choose which columns to display for each Scoreboard list in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
December 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
29160Admins can apply static filters to each scoreboard list in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
23761Admins can customize the order of tabs on the scoreboard widget in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
December 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
30402SysAid's new standardized MSI module allows for more parameters and supports multiple operating systems. MSI
26652Added a new out-of-the-box toolbox item in the Self-Service Portal that allows end users to open SRs that are pre-populated with a specified template.Self-Service Portal
29067Admins can now set TeamViewer Embedded permissions for multiple admins or groups simultaneously from the Admin or Group list. TeamViewer Embedded
30574The Network Discovery log includes a console that displays real-time information about all network discovery processes running on your system. Network Discovery
25401Added more detailed data regarding agent deployment/undeploymebnt to the Asset Activity log. Agent
26821Tightened security around what end users can access via toolbox items that load SR forms with preset templates. Self-Service Portal
29532TeamViewer Embedded now displays a progress loader while initiating an unattended session. TeamViewer Embedded
29629Admins can include the Asset ID column in Asset Entity reports. Reports
30482Admins are no longer required to provide a description for toolbox items that they create for the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
November 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
29849Admins can select if a given toolbox item is available for users who access the Self-Service Portal in Guest mode.Self-Service Portal
29900Admins can define the height of the Custom IFrame widget in the Self-Service Portal and they can decide if the widget should include a scroll bar.Self-Service Portal
29338SysAid Gateway information is now displayed in the About page.TeamViewer Embedded
29109Limits set in Remote Control settings now extend to TeamViewer Embedded Service.TeamViewer Embedded
November 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
25019Admins can configure Password Services to send a password reset code to end users' mobile devices.Password Services
27735Admins can view previews of the default banner and theme in the Self-Service Portal Settings page.Self-Service Portal
28432A link to the Home page has been added to the top of many pages in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
28851Admins can limit the ability of end users to submit incidents and/or requests in the Self-Service Portal based on their company or user group.Self-Service Portal
29025Admins can allow end users from specified companies to select certain predefined themes for their Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
29476The description field is mandatory for all toolbox items.Self-Service Portal
29338Admins can view the URL, which must be permitted on their network, so they can activate and use Teamviewer Embedded.TeamViewer Embedded
October 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
17064Texts are conveniently displayed alphabetically when an admin clicks the Automatic Texts icon in the Send Message window.Email Integration
29390Added an option to send usage statistics to SysAid.General
October 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
22503The automatic dispatch functionality now applies to SRs generated by emails that were assigned to an admin group via email rules.Email Integration
20563The browser tab displays the name of the current SysAid page, including SR numbers.General
24839Admins can assign multiple SRs to an admin group from the SR list.Help Desk
24995Admins can set multiple categories as visible for an admin group from the Cateogory list.Help Desk
26586Admins can now change an RDS's log level directly from the RDS list.RDS
29080When an admin initiates a TeamViewer Embedded session, the client and admin links are stored in an activity record in the SR that the session was initiated from.TeamViewer Embedded
September 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
21031Admins can publish news items to end users in a collapsable side pane in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
22393End users can now search the Self-Service Portal for terms that appear in SRs, Categories, and Templates.Self-Service Portal
26819Admins can customize the order that the various widgets appear in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
26830Admins can display the Scoreboard and FAQ widgets side-by-side in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
28456An explanatory tooltip appears next to the IFrame widget in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
28996End users can access the Live Chat functionality as an out-of-the-box Toolbox item in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
August 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
24727End users can add a note in the Submit SR form in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
26965End users can use the search bar to search for categories, SRs, or templates that contain specific terms.Self-Service Portal
27793End users can change their profile photo in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
28735A new default Toolbox item was added, which links to the My Settings page in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
26863The Third-Party Integrations page was split into a My Apps page, which contains add ons and integrations that admins have already acquired, and a Marketplace page where admins can browse and acquire the add-ons and integrations they want.Third-Party Integrations
August 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
24380Admins can embed an IFrame in the Self-Service Portal to display an external website for users.Self-Service Portal
26816Admins can select the height for their banner in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
27280The 'None' option has been added to the Banner Overlay drop-down.Self-Service Portal
28139Admins can open a preview of the selected theme in the Company form.Self-Service Portal
28306Admins can open a theme preview in the Theme Edit dialog that dynamically updates as colors are modified.Self-Service Portal
26745For improved performance, the Asset list loads only 1000 assets at a time.Asset Management
28434For improved performance, actions performed on more than 50 assets simultaneously in the Asset list are run in the background.Asset Management
28554Amazon Web Services SNS has been added to the list of providers available in SMS integration.SMS Integration
28732Clickatell SMS Platform has been added to the list of providers available in SMS integration.SMS Integration
28298The Shibboleth integration added a control to allow users to log out from the SSO session by logging out of SysAid.Third-Party Integrations
28653BI Analytics graphs now support relative dates such as last month, this month, etc.BI Analytics
August 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
25081Users with access to Password Self Service can set and change the answers to their security questions in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
26455Vertical scroll capabilities have been added to tabs within the SR View pages in the Self-Service Portal.Self-Service Portal
28270The text in the Internet browser tab reflects the current Self-Service Portal page, including the SR number.Self-Service Portal
28320Access to action items were automatically enabled in the Self-Service Portal, for accounts that had action items enabled in the leagcy End-User Portal.Self-Service Portal
July 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
28210Admins can enable SysAid's new Self-Service Portal to replace the End-User Portal. The Self-Service Portal includes many new features including: - Brand new user interface - Codeless customization of themes, banners, and toolbox items - New SR scoreboard for end-users - And more...Self-Service Portal
27896The Shibboleth integration allows for SSO between Shibboleth and SysAid.Third-Party Integrations
26210Added the Last Login Time and Last Login User fields to the LDAP Integration list.LDAP Integration
27660The LDAP options for enabling and scheduling an integration can be configured separately for each individual integration.LDAP Integration
27847Added the Domain Display Name field to the LDAP integration form.LDAP Integration
13888Added the Template Name field to SysAid templates to allow admins to separate the displayed name of a template from the default title for SRs generated from the template.Service Desk
22021Password Services now comply with the minimum age and history requirements when users manually reset their passwords.Password Services
27993Enhanced security around event logs.Security
28028Enhanced security around password input fields.Security
28031Enhanced security around SysAid's URL parameters.Security
28344SysAid uses the Admin Display Name field instead of the User Name field as the default for BI Analytics chart.BI Analytics
28345BI Analytics displays a timestamp on the first sheet indicating your most updated SR displayed in the BI Analytics data.BI Analytics
June 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
28083Added two new and customizable charts for measuring SRs by Custom List fields in BI Analytics.BI Analytics
27028Admins can select to restrict access to knowledge base articles based on existing category permissions.Help Desk
27325LDAP integration appears in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience.LDAP Integration
27330Admins select predefined credentials to access LDAP integration instead of entering a username and password.LDAP Integration
25377The list of software products in Patch Management policies continuously updates with newly available products.Patch Management
May 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
27392Admins can modify multiple fields from the Agent Deployment Plan list.Network Discovery
May 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
27142For increased color consistency, BI Analytics now uses a fixed color palette to display values in the bar chart in the "SLA Closure Times Overview" sheet.BI Analyticsy
24428Updated interface for SMS integration allows admins more options for SMS providers and more control in configuring their integration.SMS Integration
April 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
26854Admins are now allowed the option to not encrypt the communication between the RDS and SNMP devices in their network during the network discovery process.Network Discovery
March 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
26657More options were added to the Open SR Overview chart in BI Analytics.BI Analytics
March 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
8829Domain users with specific permissions can activate Password Services, even if they are not domain administrators.Password Services
18934Credentials Management supports all encryption and authentication methods offered by SNMPv3.Network Discovery
25965Admins can select a credentials set to write information onto SNMP devices.Asset Management
February 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
24989Admins can access information relating to the status of their cloud instance directly from their profile menu, as well as from their About page.Cloud
25819By default, SysAid will remove emojis from emails that generate new SRs.Email Integration
24957The SysAid Cloud Helpdesk mobile app has been renamed to "SysAid Helpdesk.Mobile App
February 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
25104The feature that automatically disables agents that don't communicate with the SysAid server for 60 consecutive days has been extended to include Mac agents.Agent
26086The new SR by Hour sheet is available in BI Analytics.BI Analytics
25829The settings in the End-User Portal settings page have been reordered.End-User Portal
January 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
25911Minor changes were made to the BI Analytics user interface.BI Analytics
25829The settings in the End-User Portal settings page have been reordered.End-User Portal
25057Upgraded the Open SSL version.General
January 2017
FR# Description Module/Tool
21821A new video summary report, sung by SysAid's Joe The IT Guy, is available in the Animated Summary page.Analytics
25320Admins can access more breakdowns in the Aging graph within BI Analytics.BI Analytics
25322The Aging pivot chart in BI Analytics now includes data from the Location field.BI Analytics
December 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
22093SysAid supports the EWS protocol for email integration and calendar sync.Email Integration
December 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
21375The Trello integration allows admins to sync SysAid with their Trello accounts so that pre-defined SRs automatically appear as cards in Trello boards.Third-Party Integrations
November 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
24522Admins now access custom notifications in a new list/form interface that includes a notification's subject and body in the same form.Customization
22938LDAP integration now includes the option to automatically disable LDAP-imported admins that are no longer available in the AD.LDAP Integration
November 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
24420Lists in the End-User Portal display only the first 1000 items to increase the lists' load speed.End-User Portal
24524SysAid Barcode app is now available for Android devices.Mobile Application
23848Significant increase in load speed for lists containing a large amount of entries.Performance Enhancements
24123The Slack integration now allows admins to use Slack slash commands to create SRs or link a Slack channel to an SR.Third-Party Integration
November 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
24231Admins can deploy agents from the Asset list to WMI discovered assets.Agent
24284The WMI Scan list provides an enhanced UI for scheduling WMI scans to discover assets.Network Discovery
24297The SNMP Scan list provides an enhanced UI for scheduling SNMP scans to discover assets.Network Discovery
21359The Slack integration allows admins to create a Slack channel from an SR, pull Slack data into SysAid, and post to a Slack channel from SysAid.Third-Party Integrations
October 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
23821The Agent Deployment Plan list provides an enhanced UI for scheduling agent deployments. *Agents
23823Agent Settings Management allows admins to save Agent Settings configurations and apply them to new and existing agent deployments.Agents
24032Admins can select an Agent Setting configuration from the RDS deployment page to apply to all agents in that deployment.Agents
11994The Operating System Architecture field indicates if an asset is running a 64 or 32-bit operating system.Asset Management
24025To edit agent settings for assets, admins must select an Agent Setting configuration from the "More" option in the Asset list.Asset Management
24059Patch Management licenses are set to automatically update when the agent is upgraded to the most recent version.Patch Management
23804A message alerts admins as to which of their RDSs must be upgraded to allow for compatibility with the new agent deployment method.RDS
23581When an admin creates a new change SR, the available template options are displayed in alphabetical order.Service Desk
October 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
23559The Agent Settings dialog box no longer contains the Generate Random Asset ID check box, reflecting the recent change in how SysAid creates asset IDs.Agent
September 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
22859Credential Management allows admins to store credentials for all the domains they need to access, and automatically apply those credentials when they deploy the agent via the RDS.Asset Management
22625Admins can deploy and undeploy agents via the RDS directly from the SysAid interface.RDS
September 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
22111Vendor Management allows admins to configure the system to automatically generate asset ID prefixes specific to an asset's vendor.Asset Management
22773Admins can duplicate reports from the Report list.Reports
22775Admins can save the filters for Custom Reports in the My Reports tab.Reports
11208The agent now identifies Internet Explorer in the Software Products list.Asset Management
September 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
23014The new Internal Attribute Name field in custom columns displays the way the column name is represented in the code.Customization
21779Admins can duplicate reports from the My Reports list.Reports
August 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
14388The Nagios integration allows for admins to automatically generate SRs from events and alerts in Nagios and import assets that Nagios is monitoring.Third-Party Integrations
22831Admins can use the SysAid REST API to retrieve key values from the translation files that use a specific prefix or a non-default language.API
22745Optimization of the way translation files are saved to only treat modified keys as custom translation.Customization
21207Admins can select to display a report's bar chart in stacked or clustered (side-by-side) bars.Reports
21969A new visual indicator informs admins when a report's preview pane is refreshing.Reports
22185SysAid displays a message when an admin unsuccessfully attempts to upgrade to the new Reports module.Reports
22793For security purposes, admins cannot enter or read code in Custom Column trigger fields.Security
22733SysAid displays the Visual Workflow feature with a fresh look and feel.Service Desk
August 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
22295A pop-up message prompts admins to confirm upon deleting a statement in the Deploy Agents page.Agent
22489Updates to the Mac agent's functionality: The SysAid desktop icon opens the About page, whereas new SRs are opened from the toolbar.Agent
21967Information relating to BI Analytics run results is located in the Event Log.BI Analytics
605Admins can import SR categories to SysAid from a .csv file.Help Desk
18303Admins can limit which categories are available to other admins.Help Desk
22287SysAid can be setup to automatically assign SRs to members of a specified admin group who have the least SRs in their queue. For more information,Service Desk
22271Custom Column pages contain hyperlinked breadcrumbs for improved UI navigation.User Interface
August 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
22297New method for calculating an asset's storage capacity to display more precise values.Asset Management
21825Values in the List drop-down menu in the Customize Lists settings page are grouped by entity.Customization
8364Charts and graphs that were previously based on Flash technology, such as Dashboards and IT Benchmark, now run on HTML5.General
21983The List View drop-down menu automatically adjusts its size to fit the longest value.General
18529Admins can assign an RDS to assets that were entered manually or via an SNMP or WMI scan for ping monitoring purposes.Monitoring
July 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
21209Admins can add links and attachments to the SR via the REST API.API
21705Performance enhancement increases the speed of Asset Management pages.Asset management
21425Admins can now access data from the Total SR Activity field in BI Analytics.BI Analytics
21911SRs are broken down by SR Type in BI Analytics.BI Analytics
22145Custom Column calculations are displayed in the BI Analytics Timer sheet.BI Analytics
22149Admins can modify certain BI Analytics charts to display different dimensions.BI Analytics
21023If there is a problem with an email integration password, the log message indicates which mailbox contains the problematic password.Email Integration
21691Admins can duplicate an email rule to use as the basis for a new rule.Email Rules
21539The default SysAid logo matches the selected color theme.General
20807Tool tip displays all recipients of an SR email message in the SR list.Help Desk
21755Admins can search the SR list by the Company field in the advanced search.Help Desk
21861The available values in an SR's Template drop-down list are sorted alphabetically.Help Desk
21683SysAid uses the translation file to display field names for mapping LDAP attributes to SysAid fields in LDAP integration.LDAP Integration
21039Admins can specify which network card to ping for assets with multiple network cards.Monitoring
21847Admins can only select to alert users before automatic reboots when an option to automatically reboot computers is selected.Patch Management
20633The SR Duration field is displayed in HH:MM format in SR reports.Reports
21751A confirmation prompt appears when an admin selects to delete a report's automatic run schedule.Reports
21587Visual Workflow : A new graphical representation of workflows is now available and includes Action Item statuses and dependencies.Service Desk
21697Admins can duplicate a sub-type to use as the basis for a new sub-type.Service Desk
20473Survey questions and answers can be customized in the translation file.Survey
21647Admins can search the Administrator and End User lists by company.User Management
21689When an admin creates a new admin group, the cursor automatically focuses on the Group Name field; The admin need not click the field before entering the name.User Management
June 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
19624Admins can add the OS Serial Number column to the Asset list.Asset Management
21643SRs deleted from SysAid are removed from BI Analytics data.BI Analytics
21891Improvements to BI Analytics: 1) In the "SR Breakdown by Priority" sheet, the Classification chart that showed currencies was replaced with a pivot table that displays categories and their priorities. 2) New option allows admins to filter by close dates (Close Year, Close Quarter, Close Week, Close Month, Close Date) in addition to request dates. 3) Admins can alternate between viewing SRs Over Time charts by request/close dates in the first two sheets.BI Analytics
21217Existing values for lists are displayed in alphabetical order in the list's drop-down in the Customize Lists page.Customization
17202Category drop-down lists automatically resize to fit the largest Category option.Help Desk
21617A new RDS property allows for admins to referesh their LDAP's Users list and Groups list immediately after a previous refresh.LDAP Integration
21727Reports published to .pdf automatically use the logo set for the company of the admin who runs the report.Reports
21749The OneLogin integration allows for SSO between OneLogin and SysAid.*Third-Party Integrations
21793The IP FIlter add-on allows you to limit the access to your account to specific IP addresses or IP ranges.*Third-Party Integrations
21797The OpenAM by Forgerock integration allows for SSO between OpenAM and SysAid.*Third-Party Integrations
21801The Office 365 integration allows for SSO between Office 365 and SysAid.*Third-Party Integrations
21803Multiple third-party integrations are available in SysAid including: Google Apps, TeamViewer, Bomgar, LogMeIn, and more. *Third-Party Integrations
May 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
21247Admins can add tags to a knowledge base article by pressing the COMMA (,) key or the ENTER key after typing the tag.Knowledge Base
21819Support for the new SysAid iOS app.Mobile
21445Performance enhancement improves the speed of SysAid's general functionality.Performance Enhancement
March 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
20899Robust Customer Experience Performance Enhancements with: 1) Full session persistence in case a Tomcat server fails. 2) Prevention of web server failures due to interrupting sessions and deletion of unsaved content. 3) A seamless experience that preserves data even when the web server fails.Performance Enhancement
20087Admins can create Advanced Filter conditions in reports that filter report data for categories containing specified text.Reports
20609A greater variety of automatically calculated fields are available for admins to add to their reports.Reports
January 2016
FR# Description Module/Tool
20283Mac agent supports dynamic changes to agent settings from the Asset list.Agent
-Mac agent allows admins to change the desktop icon that opens the End-User Portal.Agent
20453Admins can enable SysAid REST API to work with OAuth.API
18383Admins can search the Asset list by the Company field.Asset Management
19775The addition of custom columns is performed as a background task on a scheduled basis.Customization
-Admins can define a default email for a company that can be used for all users who belong to that company.Email Integration
-An SRs Messages tab records all users who the email was sent to.Email Integration
19961Enhanced the format of the link to the survey to appear as hyperlinked text when supported by the Email Integration settings.Email Integration
17202The Category fields automatically resize to fit the largest category in the drop-down list.General
-New setting to automatically reassign an SR to the admin that closes it, without prompting the admin.Help Desk
18196Admins can initiate a full patch scan of their entire system even after the initial scan has run.Patch Management
19328Admins can schedule automatic imports of companies, assets, CIs, and users to SysAid from a .csv file via the RDS.RDS
19981New versions of the RDS display their version numbers in the RDS table.RDS
20361Mac agent can redirect requests from one RDS to another.RDS
20515Admins can once again export reports to .xls, in addition to .pdf and .csv formats.Reports
19262Admins can decide if action items in duplicate SRs should or should not inherit the approval statuses from the source SR.Service Desk
18561The SysAid mobile app supports the ADFS add-on.Third-Party Integration
20155Performance enhancement allows SRs to load selected templates faster.User Experience
20173When an admin clicks Add Note in an SR, the system focuses on the Notes text box, allowing the admin to begin typing immediately.User Experience
December 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
19773The Mac agent includes the Get Logs functionality available in the Windows agentAgent
-The new SysAid Reports module supports RTLReports
20167Admins can duplicate a report to use it as a template for creating new, similar reportsReports
20169Admins can choose to publish reports with a table that describes the information displayed in the report's graphReports
-Admins can set a minimum threshold for displaying items in a report chart; admins will also have the option to display the remaining items in one category calledReports
December 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
14369New Module: The new SysAid Reporting module includes a completely revamped user interface, new report design capabilities to better tailor reports to fit your needs, a dynamically updated preview of your report output, and more.Reports
14978Now admins can use the SysAid REST API to access their SysAid data and to interface SysAid with third-party integrations.API
16999SysAid's new Mac agent contains the following enhancements: - It no longer depends on Java - Remote Control capability - New wizard for manual installations - auto-upgrade functionality - RDS support and the ability to automatically switch back to the server if the RDS goes down - Compatible with standard inventory commands for more efficient bandwidth usage - Ability to Request agent logs - Broadcast messages to all assets - Chat with end-user on assets with the agent installedAgent
19528Enhanced performance for the Help Desk main page.General
5765Admins can now select to add and SR's email replies to the Notes field.Help Desk
18184The character limit has been removed for the Title field in Knowledge Base articles.Knowledge Base
18723Now admins can pull group names from Active Directory fields other than the sAMAccountName field.LDAP Integration
20975Changed the format for calculated time fields in SysAid reports from HH:MM (01:30) to float (1.5) to allow for mathematical calculations to be performed on the field values.Reports
4770Improved UI for managing groups.User Management
November 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
5809Set a default home page after login- you can determine which SysAid page functions as the user's default home page.General
19010Upgrade to Cloud infrastructure. Now all information on Cloud hard-drives is encrypted.Security
November 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
816Improvements to the Send Messages window to allow attaching files that are part of the SR by marking them.Service Desk
October 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
18072Added support for RDSName and RDS URL for group agent installation via MSI.Agent
17656Now when you access Password Services via the agent, it opens in a native application window instead of a browser window, tightening security for this feature.Password Services
18044The icons and mouse over effects in the Menu bars have been modified and improved.UI
October 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
15790Now, SysAid creates an SR activity for calendar invites it receives with the SR number in the subject.Email Integration
September 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
9355New permission allows admins to view the calendar of other admins in their groups.Calendar
17004Now, when an admin selects the "AND" or "OR" operator in the Query Builder, existing statements are not deleted.General
17726Now admins can update the user records in SysAid based on scheduled syncs with a .csv file via the RDS.User Management
August 2015
FR# Description Module/Tool
17009Admins can now edit Network Discovery rules for WMI and SNMP scans, agent deployments, asset data updates, and agent version upgrades.Agent
17017Improved method for generating asset ID numbers to prevent the creation of duplicate assets.Asset Management
17019Admins can now search by asset type in the Asset list.Asset Management
17020Admins can now create a filter to determine what assets are imported to the CMDB.CMDB
17133In addition to the existing options, admins can now choose to display user names as First and last name followed by email address or email address followed by first and last name.Customization
14583Admins can now use Get commands in Workflow notifications.Service Desk
14584Workflow notifications can now include embedded links that allow users to Approve or Deny an action item directly from the email.Service Desk
17018Admins can add an Asset field to action items that lets them access asset information from the action item.Service Desk
17130When an admin creates a new linked item from an SR, all available templates are now displayed as options for that item regardless of the source SR's category.Service Desk
17227History records now include detailed information of certain action item fields that were changed in an SR.Service Desk
17351Now Timers run only on SRs that have statuses that are from open classesService Desk
17220SysAid lists now contain a link that allows admins to reset all column filters on the list in with a single click.User Interface
13534 & 6866SysAid Administrators can now demote admins to end users from the Admin list.User Management
December 2014
FR# Description Module/Tool
11760Integration between the SysAid Server and an LDAP server can now pass through SysAid RDS. This removes the need to open ports in any firewalls that may exist between SysAid and the LDAP server (e.g. in SysAid Cloud Edition). Furthermore, passwords can be temporarily cached in RDS to speed up authentication times.Integration
December 2014
FR# Description Module/Tool
10512SysAid RDS has been enhanced to support all agent management, monitoring, and other functions that are normally handled by the SysAid Server. This allows cloud customers to take advantage of all of SysAid's Asset Management and Monitoring capabilities. SysAid RDS now optimizes network traffic between deployed agents and the SysAid Server.Cloud
11797You can now stay logged in to SysAid after closing your browser by selecting "Remember me" on the SysAid login page.Cloud
11916An order link has been added to the page header in all SysAid trials in order to help customers more easily place their orders.General
11255The RDS installer UI has been improved.installation
11842Clarified the warning text in the email integration page for an incoming email address.Integration
11890Removed several predefined list views that are no longer in use.Mobile Application
11929Trials of SysAid now include online tutorials to assist new customers in learning SysAid.Online Aid
October 2014
FR# Description Module/Tool
9042There is a new tab, RDS, located under Asset Management > Network Discovery. This tab contains a list of all RDS nodes on your network, and allows you to manage them.Cloud
11136SysAid now allows you to create different forms to match your different types of service requests. You can associate each service category with a matching form, which is loaded automatically during service request submission. Admins and end users can also select the desired form from a list.Help Desk
11342Administrator permissions to manage inventory can now be set using group permissions. Furthermore, multiple asset groups can now be selected at once.Permission
September 2014
FR# Description Module/Tool
10595Allow uploading images, logos and html customizations in SysAid cloud editionCloud
10727Add an option to enforce SSL connections via https, all http links are redirectedCloud
10980Throughout SysAid , lists have been upgraded to the new list UI, and icons have been removed from the menu bar to the right top of the forms.UI/UX
11079Support for Maximum grace period added to mobile policies. Maximum grace period is the maximum amount of time a device can be locked without prompting for a passcode on unlock. Supported by iOS.MDM