SysAid Minor Release Service Desk 5.0.06

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of minor release SysAid 5.0.06. SysAid 5.0.06 includes a few bug fixes intended to assist you with your daily work as IT professionals. Prior to 5.0, SysAid had almost no graphical elements in the user interface. In 5.0, we have changed the interface completely. We believe it provides a much better overall experience and allows better focus and efficiency in your daily work.

However, the graphical elements caused the web browser in some cases to take a little longer drawing the web page on the client side. We took your feedback seriously and our development team worked rapidly to optimize the interface, so we can now offer improved performance even on slower machines.

Other improvements in SysAid 5.0.06:

  • Service Requests search includes Unicode characters in various languages
  • Firebird backup has been fixed and runs appropriately
  • Remote Control does not change the statues of the controlled asset, so it does not appear to be offline

How to Upgrade to SysAid 5.0.06:

This is an older version of SysAid. To upgrade to the newest version, click here. If you still wish to receive this file, please contact support.