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Release 14.1
FR# Description Module/Tool
11523 Brand new SysAid Patch Management is a highly customizable, comprehensive, and seamless solution for keeping your Windows-based servers and workstations up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates. Please note: Within the scope of Patch Management, we added certain Parameters to SysAid such as the Patch Approval category, the Patch Failure incident template, etc. for both new and upgraded users (see the Notes section below for upgrading requirements for this feature). Asset Management
11953 Improved Email Integration Mechanism Email Integration
11002 Users now have access to new features brought in from SysAid CSS :
#11002.1. A new checkbox was added to admin permissions: “Manage end users and companies”.
#11002.2. Guest mode - A new checkbox in EUP Settings: Enable End User Portal without login + A new option : “Enable FAQ without login”
#11002.3. CMDB – New CI types – Users , Companies
#11002.4 The CMDB controls are available for Admins , End users and companies
#11002.5. A new ability to send message to any e-mail address even if it is not a registered user. can be found under Ldap integration settings (License based)

14073 New menu now supports lower resolution screens General
13522 A notification is now sent to administrators when an action-item is reassigned to them. Settings
13525 Users can now set reminders to alert them of an expiration date for a knowledge base article. Service Desk
FR# Description Module/Tool
5792 Control what status to set for Closed SR-s that receive E-mail responses from users, allowing you to prevent tickets from reopening Service Desk
9197 Setup business rules on incoming emails - Parse the Subject / Body / Sender of incoming emails and set field values in the SR based on rules you setup Service Desk
9603 The End User now has the option to reopen a closed SR - Via End User Portal or Via link in the email notification Service Desk
12418 You can now convert Incidents to Requests and vice versa. Make sure this is enabled under Service Desk - General Settings (There is a new checkbox : Allow changing the SR-Type of Incidents to Requests and vice versa) Service Desk










Click here to download the Free Edition Windows upgrade


Click here to download the Free Edition Linux upgrade


  • To use SysAid Patch Management capabilities, you must upgrade your SysAid Server, RDS nodes, and SysAid agents to version 14.1. See the SysAid Upgrade Guide for more details.
  • SysAid version 7.5 or higher is needed in order to upgrade to SysAid 14.1. If you are running Derby database, you must first migrate your data to the embedded MS SQL Express database (read more...).
  • To start using SysAid MDM capabilities, you must be running Tomcat 7 or above.
  • The 64-bit Windows upgrade can only be used if your initial SysAid installation was 64-bit. If you are not sure, you can try installing the 64-bit upgrade, and you will be prompted if it is incorrect. In that case, simply install the 32-bit upgrade.
  • SysAid Release 9.0 and higher for Linux/Unix/Mac requires SUN Java 1.7 or higher and Tomcat 7 to be installed on the SysAid Server.
  • SysAid's new Patch Management capabilities require the latest version of SysAid Agents to be running and also the latest version of the RDS to be installed.
  • The embedded MSSQL Express database (if used) requires Microsoft Installer 4.5. It is included with Windows Vista SP2 or above, or Windows Server 2008 SP2 or above. Anything below that requires manually upgrading to Microsoft Installer 4.5 or above.


If you are using RDS, upgrade to the latest version

RDS installation (32 bit | 64 bit)