SysAid On-PremiseRelease Notes - SysAid 18


Release 18.1.54
FR# Description Module/Tool
29849 Admins can select if a given toolbox item is available for users who access the Self-Service Portal in Guest mode. Self-Service Portal
30659 End users are able to filter their Scoreboard lists within the Self-Service Portal, based on the defined fields that are displayed in the list. Self-Service Portal
29067 Admins can now set TeamViewer Embedded permissions for multiple admins or groups simultaneously from the Admin or Group list. TeamViewer Embedded
26619 Admins can merge the contents of multiple service records into a single service record. Help Desk
25019 Admins can configure Password Services to send a password reset code to end users' mobile devices. Password Services
30567 Detailed information regarding agent deployment failures is saved to the agent deployment log. Agent
30402 SysAid's new standardized MSI module allows for more parameters and supports multiple operating systems. MSI
24839 Admins can assign multiple SRs to an admin group from the SR list. Help Desk
22503 The automatic dispatch functionality now applies to SRs generated by emails that were assigned to an admin group via email rules. Email Integration
31649 Due dates appear in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience. Help Desk
31762 Timers appear in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience. Help Desk
22687 Admins can simultaneously set a parent SR for multiple SRs from the SR list. Help Desk
28851 Admins can limit the ability of end users to submit incidents and/or requests in the Self-Service Portal based on their company or user group. Self-Service Portal
29025 Admins can allow end users from specified companies to select certain predefined themes for their Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
26652 Added a new out-of-the-box toolbox item in the Self-Service Portal that allows end users to open SRs that are pre-populated with a specified template. Self-Service Portal
23760 Admins can choose which columns to display for each scoreboard list in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
30042 Admins can add tabs to incident and request submission forms in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
25470 Admins can display SR activities in the SR form in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
31451 Routing rules appear in a new List and Form interface for an improved user experience. Help Desk
17064 Texts are conveniently displayed alphabetically when an admin clicks the Automatic Texts icon in the Send Message window. Email Integration
20563 The browser tab displays the name of the current SysAid page, including SR numbers. General
24995 Admins can set multiple categories as visible for an admin group from the Cateogory list. Help Desk
26586 Admins can now change an RDS's log level directly from the RDS list. RDS
29080 When an admin initiates a TeamViewer Embedded session, the client and admin links are stored in an activity record in the SR that the session was initiated from. TeamViewer Embedded
29390 Added an option to send usage statistics to SysAid. General
27735 Admins can view previews of the default banner and theme in the Self-Service Portal Settings page. Self-Service Portal
28432 A link to the Home page has been added to the top of many pages in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
29338 Admins can view the URL, which must be permitted on their network, so they can activate and use Teamviewer Embedded. TeamViewer Embedded
29900 Admins can define the height of the Custom IFrame widget in the Self-Service Portal and they can decide if the widget should include a scroll bar. Self-Service Portal
29338 SysAid Gateway information is now displayed in the About page. TeamViewer Embedded
29109 Limits set in Remote Control settings now extend to TeamViewer Embedded Service. TeamViewer Embedded
30673 Admins can utilize TeamViewer QuickSupport to perform attended remote control sessions with TeamViewer Embedded despite UAC limitiations on users without administrator access. TeamViewer Embedded
30574 The Network Discovery log includes a console that displays real-time information about all network discovery processes running on your system. Network Discovery
25401 Added more detailed data regarding agent deployment/undeploymebnt to the Asset Activity log. Agent
26821 Tightened security around what end users can access via toolbox items that load SR forms with preset templates. Self-Service Portal
29532 TeamViewer Embedded now displays a progress loader while initiating an unattended session. TeamViewer Embedded
29629 Admins can include the Asset ID column in Asset Entity reports. Reports
29160 Admins can apply static filters to each scoreboard list in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
23761 Admins can customize the order of tabs on the scoreboard widget in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
29664 Admins can choose which columns to display for each Scoreboard list in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
30541 The agent healthcheck has added tests for TeamViewer Embedded and SysAid Gateway. Agent
30799 Admins can apply separate static filter queries to individual tabs in the Self-Service Portal Scoreboard widget. Self-Service Portal
30822 The My Activities toolbox item links to the Scoreboard widget even when the Scoreboard is not displayed in the Self-Service Portal home page. Self-Service Portal
31172 The My Apps page only displays integrations and add-ons that have been installed on that account. Third-Party Integrations
27296 Admins can specify groups and/or companies who cannot access a toolbox item in the Self-Service Portal. Self-Service Portal
30386 Admins can designate the incident and/or request submission options in the Self-Service Portal as visible to guests or unregistered users who access the Self-Service Portal via the hotkey. Self-Service Portal
31112 The ADFS integration supports ADFS 2016. Third-Party Integration
30992 The name of the user in the Activities tab is set according to the specified user display method. Help Desk
31129 Search results in the Self-Service Portal are no longer limited to the last four months. Self-Service Portal
18659 The SysAid agent validates the MD5 checksum of files to prevent downloading corrupted or compromised files. Agent
27060 Admins can access the Self-Service Portal Banner text in the Translation file. Self-Service Portal
31888 Improved support for Self-Service Portal in Internet Explorer 11. Self-Service Portal
33208 The character limit for a notification's Subject field has been increased to 1024. Custom Notifications
30960 The character limit for the User Roots, Group Roots, UserClassFilter, and GroupClassFilter fields in LDAP integration has been increased to 4000. LDAP Integration







Windows (Upgrade)



Linux (Upgrade)

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  • To upgrade to SysAid 18 on-premise, you must be running SysAid 16.3 or higher (For the Linux upgrade you must be running SysAid version 17.3.5 or higher).
  • To start using SysAid MDM capabilities, you must be running Tomcat 7 or above.
  • You can only use the 64-bit Windows upgrade if your initial SysAid installation was 64-bit. If you are not sure, you can try installing the 64-bit upgrade. If it is incorrect you will be prompted, and then simply install the 32-bit upgrade.
  • SysAid's Patch Management and TeamViewer Embedded capabilities require the latest versions of the SysAid agent and RDS.
  • New Linux installation guide can be found here.




RDS Installation


If you are using RDS, upgrade to the latest version: