The prominent new feature in Release 5.0 of our Service Desk is the new sleek and chic SysAid interface. You will notice the improvement immediately, since the new SysAid interface was designed to allow you more focus and efficiency.

  • End User satisfaction Survey - This new feature enables you to keep in touch with the needs of your end users. SysAiders can now issue a survey when closing a service request, in order to track and measure the satisfaction of your end users by the services of your helpdesk.
  • DB Backup- You do not have to use external database to enjoy backup capabilities. SysAid supports backup in its internal databases. Now, you can use the database backup included in SysAid not only to backup your data but also to detect corrupted data.
  • News - important information can now be shared in a news format. SysAid can notify your administrators about special events and incidents, as well as share relevant information with your end users. Notifying your end-users about a common problem or upcoming event has never been easier.
  • vPro Support- vPro is a new chip by Intel that provides support for software and hardware inventory management, which allows remote access to your network, even to machines that are turned off. Now, if you have vPro chip installed on your network assets, you can use SysAid to control your network even when you are not in the office. To learn more about Intel vPro go to:
  • New Remote Control Options- Now you have the option to use one of the following alternative remote control tools with SysAid: Remote Desktop Connection and Ultra VNC Viewer. In addition your remote sessions will be accelerated and improved using Mirror Driver.
  • Translation mechanism has been improved and now uses Download/Upload options.

Bugs Fixed:

Listed below are the solutions the new SysAid release offers to bugs that existed in previous releases.

Many missing strings have been added to the translation page.

Enabled saving of an empty view in the Customized List page.

Problems with the appearance of Unicode characters were solved in the Installed Software list.

Problems with the appearance of Unicode characters in files attached to emails were fixed.

Activity Times printouts were corrected to indicate the appropriate time zone for Start times and End times of service requests.

Difficulties in saving changes in a parent service request when using MSSql database were fixed.

Problems with ability of supervisors to see list of submitted service requests repaired.

An impediment in adding sub categories when editing web forms was corrected.

Multiple service requests with the same system service created in the monitoring templates corrected.

Service request number appropriately mentioned in an email sent to the end user.

Correct representation of the hours as PM or AM in the "Asset Changes by Date" report.

Remote control is now available over Vista OS

SysAid Cross-Site Vulnerability fixed

Emails in Hebrew appropriately aligned to the right.

Latest drivers release from MySQL

How to Upgrade to SysAid 6.5:

This is an older version of SysAid. To upgrade to the newest version, click here. If you still wish to receive this file, please contact support.