SysAid On-PremiseRelease Notes - SysAid 6.0.9


We are happy to offer the immediate availability of SysAid 6.0.09, a minor release that utilizes the SNMP protocol to provide you with automatic access to all network locations with SysAid's Remote Discovery tool.

Release 6.0.9
FR# Description Module
#3450 The Remote Discovery tool allows you to access all network locations and assets outside of the SysAid local network. Agent/ SNMP








How to Upgrade to SysAid 6.0.9:

This is an older version of SysAid. To upgrade to the newest version, click here. If you still wish to receive this file, please contact support.

Please Note: This upgrade may take longer to run than previous SysAid releases. Depending on your database size, there may be a few minutes during which the SysAid server is unavailable. To view the progress of the upgrade, please check its status in your sysaid.log file.