SysAid On-PremiseRelease Notes - SysAid 6.5

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the official release of SysAid Service Desk 6.5! With important enhancements to all SysAid modules, SysAid 6.5 offers 101 new features and two brand-new modules: SysAid Chat and IT Benchmark. These modules offer features that are completely unique to SysAid! For a comprehensive overview of all that the SysAid 6.5 has to offer, check out the SysAid 6.5 Flash Presentation.

Release 6.5
FR# Description Module/Tool
2899 From within SysAid, you can now schedule background and remote deployment of SysAid Agents from throughout your entire network. Administrative Tools
1715 The SysAid agent can now extract the uptime value from the latest reboot of each asset. Agent
1436 There is a new "Monitoring" tab under Asset Information that shows you all monitoring information for a specific asset, including configurations and monitoring graphs. Asset Management
317 You can create reminders that allow you to set notifications for various SysAid entities that contain date fields. Asset Management
3309 When importing an asset from a CSV file, SysAid can import the company and the asset group. The group and company, entered as strings, will be created if they don't exist. Asset Management
3436 The SysAid Agent can now extract and display license keys for your Microsoft products. Asset Management
3462 There is a new software tab that displays the software products installed on each asset according to a predefined list of software products. Asset Management
3490 In the asset list, you can now add a field that contains free space. Asset Management
3985 In the asset list, there is a new field that contains the MAC addresses of the asset. It is possible to view, export, and search by MAC address. Asset Management
4059 You can now create monitoring configurations for your assets from within the Asset Monitoring page. Asset Management
3712 In the Change Management module, a "Last update info" field has been added to the sub-tabs. When you save, complete, reopen, or apply action items, the details are saved and displayed. This field is added to all views but will only be displayed if it contains data. Change and Problem Management
3713 In the Change Management Module, the user is requested to enter remarks when reopening an action item. The information includes a timestamp and will appear under the "Reopen info" control. This field is added to all views but will only be displayed if it contains data. Change and Problem Management
3795 In the Change Management module, you can assign an action item to an entire administrator group rather than just to a specific administrator. Change and Problem Management
2501 In the CMDB, you can now create CI subtypes. Imported asset types will automatically be entered as CI subtypes, and you may add specific icons to designate each subtype. CMDB
2769 CI's can now be labeled by categories and subcategories. When selecting a CI from a service request, the CI list will display only CI's from that category. CMDB
3147 The background color of a CMDB Configuration Item icon now changes according to its status: red if the CI's attached asset has a monitoring error or warning; green if the attached asset has no monitoring error or warning; orange if the CI has no monitoring configurations but is related to Incidents, Problems, or Changes. CMDB
3349 In customized notifications, a request user object has been added. Customization
3353 When end-users enter a service request title, SysAid performs an automatic search of its Knowledgebase and provides FAQs for similar issues and common resolutions. End-user Portal
3754 In the End-user Portal settings, there is a new option to allow your users to sign up for service via the End-user Portal. End-user Portal
3806 In the End-user Portal, end-users cannot view messages that have not been part of their personal correspondence. End-user Portal
3051 The Service Request Quick Access box is now also available in the Manger Portal. General
3331 The length of text fields has been standardized. General
3335 SysAid now supports the most updated version of Tomcat. General
3432 SysAid now displays a new and improved user interface. General
3531 SysAid now supports IPV6. Note: this feature is still in its Beta stage. General
3535 There is an entirely new module, IT Benchmark. Statistics of your helpdesk activities can now be compared with the statistics of other SysAiders worldwide. Evaluate where you stand in relation to greater IT trends, measure your helpdesk's performance, and see how you can improve. General
3648 SysAid checks whether imports have performed an update, and creates a history record only when updates have been performed. General
3764 Extended online help is now available from within the SysAid interface. General
3771 SysAid now supports outgoing requests behind proxy servers. General
4007 When building category filters in the SysAid Expression builder, you can now choose "is not" as a condition. General
4063.1 There are new security enhancements related to blocking cross site scripting. General
4063.2 There are new security enhancements related to auto-complete fields. General
4063.3 There are new security enhancements related to preventing Java script injections General
4318 When using a Secondary License file that is about to expire, the license it reverts back to is displayed in the About page. General
518 There is an entirely new module, SysAid Chat. End-users can begin chat discussions with administrators via the End-user Portal as well as from external websites. Administrators can also initiate chat sessions with end-users. General
938 You can now customize a Favorites personalized menu with other SysAid menu items. General
1034 There is a new search option for lists in Activities, Tasks, and Projects. Helpdesk
1786 When closing a service request that has child service requests, the solution field is copied from the parent service request to the child service requests. Helpdesk
2490 Under the "Messages" tab of the service request form, you can now open all messages and view clear separations between them. Helpdesk
2506 If you have limited certain categories to certain companies, end-users from these companies can only view Knowledgebase items based on these limitations. Helpdesk
2560 There are two new helpdesk fields in the service request form: "Re-opened," which indicates the number of times a service request has been moved from a closed status to an open status, and "Re-Assigned," which indicates the number of administrators that have been assigned to the Service Request. Helpdesk
2568 SysAid administrators will now receive notifications when they log in, such as warning messages about the expiration date of support. Helpdesk
2586 You can create a list of automatic text templates that administrators can add to messages. Helpdesk
2790 With the proper permissions, you can now purge service requests from within the service request, rather than only from the service request list. Helpdesk
2889 In Additional Reports, you can now see the name of the assigned, submit, or request user in the format that is defined under Preferences, Appearance. Helpdesk
2909 From within a service request, you can create additional links to Knowledgebase items, Projects, and Tasks. This action creates a mutual link that you can view within the project or task. Helpdesk
2926 When you search for a Knowledgebase item from within a Service Request, it opens in a new popup screen. When you access the Knowledgebase from the menu, it displays in the same page rather than in a popup screen. Helpdesk
3330 You can now remove an attachment from a Knowledgebase item. Helpdesk
3342 SysAid now refers to all statuses in Open class rather than a fixed list of status codes. Helpdesk
3362 End-users can now view categories and subcategories in the End-user Portal in their own languages. You can manage the translation in the translation file. Helpdesk
3631 You can now add attachments to Quicklist templates. All service requests that use the Quicklist template will include the attached file. Helpdesk
3748 End-users can now participate in change processes and problem management via the End-user Portal. End-users can see their relevant action items, and if permitted, can also view the full change process in PDF format. Helpdesk
3759 When entering a new service request, you can perform a filtered Knowledgebase search based on the category of your service request. Helpdesk
801 In Helpdesk lists, you can now simultaneously update selected service requests fields: Status, Priority, Urgency, Custom List 1, Custom List 2, and "Assigned to." Helpdesk
2571 You can now define permissions on the values that an administrator can view and select in the customized lists of a service request. Lists include: urgency, priority, status, location, and SR Custom Lists 1 and 2. Helpdesk
4523 The Helpdesk list now refreshes without causing each field on the page to also refresh. Helpdesk
2642 New variables have been added as an option for automatic notifications: the number of active service requests that are assigned to the notified administrator, and the total number of active service requests. Only requests from Incident type are considered. Helpdesk Preferences
2748 In the ITIL Package, the matrix now specifies Service Request type - Incident, Change, or Problem. ITIL Package
3338 In the ITIL Package, you can now create a PDF file from within a Change or Problem that documents the entire Change or Problem process. ITIL Package
3441 In the SysAid ITIL module, the templates and subtypes have been separated for improved design. ITIL Package
3604 In the SysAid ITIL module, a new control is available in the Action Item section called "Send message." When clicked, this control allows you to compose a message with the title of the service request. ITIL Package
3704 When creating dependencies between action items, you can now create an expression that relates to other action item values. ITIL Package
3711 When creating a Change or Problem from a linked Incident, the Incident's request user, description, and title will be automatically copied according to the template values. ITIL Package
3734 Notifications can now include attached PDF files to summarize a change or problem. ITIL Package
3900 An extended Perl API allows you to open service requests with more available fields. ITIL Package
1031 The Manager Dashboard is now more interactive and includes a drill-down option to directly access data. To focus on specific information, you can view filtered charts of service requests or asset lists. Manager Dashboard
2902 The Manager Dashboard can now automatically rotate a display of your defined views. Manager Dashboard
3557 In the Manager Dashboard, there are new charts for Inventory Overview and Service Request Overview that allow you to view data based on the groupings of various attributes. Manager Dashboard
3402 In the Open/Closed Requests per Category report, more details within the categories are displayed. Manager Portal
3311 Two new tags are available for monitoring notifications. A time stamp tag ($Timestamp) contains the local date and time of the monitoring event, and the event time tag ($EventTime) uses the default server time zone to display the event time. Monitoring
3984 In Monitoring, there are now more visible fields in the list of servers and workstations: Group, Owner, and Description. Monitoring
558 A "Back to Normal" notification is sent when the monitoring event returns to a normal state. Monitoring
626 The SysAid server can now monitor specific asset fields. It checks the value of the asset field and launches the defined notification. The results are displayed in a graph. Monitoring
4455 The various monitoring test names have been added to the translation file. Monitoring
2070 You can now send automatic notifications in the language specified in the users' settings rather than in the language of the account default settings. Preferences
2140 In user management forms, there is a new field that specifies the direct manager of the end-user or administrator. You can also set escalation rules in this field to automatically notify administrator managers when certain conditions have been met. Preferences
2375 When a change is made to the main SysAid settings, SysAid requires that a note be entered. The date, time, and name of the user who performs the change are recorded in the event log. Preferences
3021 You can set escalation rules based on customized dates and closing time. Preferences
3454 You can duplicate templates in the ITIL Change and Problem Management Modules. Preferences
3705 With the new tags "$AssignedTo.FirstName" and "$AssignedTo.LastName," you can add administrators' first and last names to automatic notifications. Preferences
3706 You can now specify and allow your users to decide whether or not they will receive automatic notifications. Preferences
3707 You can now schedule imports of user information from CSV files. Preferences
3710 In Preferences, the About menu displays information about the Monitoring Module license. Preferences
3737 You can now create group permissions in addition to permissions per individual user. You can create multiple group permissions and assign a user to multiple groups. If assigned to multiple groups, the user will receive the highest level of permission as permitted by the total number of permissions he has been assigned. You may choose whether to assign group permissions or individual permissions for each administrator. Preferences
3852 The list of companies that appears in different pages (routing, due date, escalation rules, operating time, filter, and priorities) is now alphabetized. Preferences
3891 When using Derby database, you can choose not to receive email notification about backups. Preferences
516 Within the dropdown menus of various customized lists, you can now sort the lists alphabetically or by ID. Preferences
661 There is a new variable in service request notifications that contains service request activities. Preferences
937 SSL support is now available for outgoing email. Preferences
2387 In the Assets report, two new fields are available that display the version and serial number of software products gathered by the SysAid agent. Reports Analyzer
3356 A new report is available that summarizes your service requests per category. Reports Analyzer
3418 There is a new distribution-per-hour report that shows you the number of service requests opened and closed each hour. Reports Analyzer
3475 A new report is available that identifies the assets connected with the most service requests. Reports Analyzer
3476 The Software/Hardware Inventory Report can now display summarized information based on asset type. Reports Analyzer
3477 More graphs are now available under the Inventory Overview report. The graph categories include type, memory, supplier, and more. Reports Analyzer
3568 In the SNMP Discovery tool, you can refresh the list of unscheduled remote discovery services. These items will be erased and added only when the Discovery tool reregisters. SNMP Discovery
126 Under Software Products, you can view a list of non-used install names to see which install names have not yet been assigned. System/Inventory
3465 The SNMP custom text fields can now hold larger amounts of strings retrieved from your SNMP devices. System/Inventory
2098 In Tasks and Projects, it is now possible to attach a CI to tasks. SysAid can display the business impact of each task. Tasks and Projects
370 In Tasks and Projects, two new automatically calculated fields are now available: Total Task Estimation and Calculated Progress. Total Task Estimation displays the summation of all task estimation fields pertaining to a Project. Calculated Progress displays a calculation of a Project's progress based on the progress of all tasks within the Project. Tasks and Projects








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