SysAid On-PremiseRelease Notes - SysAid 7.0


We are happy to announce the immediately availability of Release SysAid 7.0! With over 130 new features and enhancements, SysAid 7.0 is our largest release to date. With this release, there are now three SysAid Editions: SysAid Basic Edition (free), SysAid Pro (formerly SysAid Full Edition) and the new SysAid Enterprise Edition.

SysAid Pro is streamlined to give you a fully-functional set of tools you need to effectively manage your core IT processes. SysAid Enterprise offers additional features necessary to manage complex processes often found in larger organizations. These Enterprise features include advanced customization, integration, and advanced modules built according to ITIL best practices.

For a comprehensive overview of all that SysAid 7.0 has to offer, check out the SysAid 7.0 Flash Presentation.

Release 7.0
FR# Description Module/Tool
559 SysAid can now notify you when the number of installations of a particular software exceeds the number of purchased licenses. Asset Management
759 Instant messages can now be sent to end-users or to assets. An instant message sent to an asset will generate a popup on the screen for the currently logged-in user of that machine to see. This instant messaging capability requires the SysAid agent to be installed. Asset Management
3394 The SysAid agent can now extract network card usage (packets sent/received). Asset Management
4630 The SysAid agent can now initiate a chat or remote control session with a user logged on to a terminal server. Asset Management
4631 Several performance enhancements have been introduced to Asset Management Asset Management
4634 If a software installation is detected that is not on your list of registered software products, SysAid can notify you. Asset Management
4697 When either deploying agents from within SysAid using network discovery or when doing an SNMP scan, you will now see a real-time log so that you know the current process of the deployment or scan. Asset Management
4760 SysAid now uses the latest version of UltraVNC and UltraVNC SC (single click) for remote control. This will improve performance of the remote control tool. Asset Management
4861 You can now designate software as a 'Managed License', and SysAid will prompt you for a number of licenses purchased. You're no longer required to enter the number of licenses. Asset Management
4876 The SysAid agent can now report the online status of users who are logged in to terminal servers. Asset Management
4877 SysAid now allows you to initiate a remote control session with a machine even if no user is logged in. Asset Management
4883 There is improved remote control support for Windows 7. Asset Management
4913 When viewing the MAC address column in the asset list view, you can now see IP address as well. Asset Management
4921 The process of updating SysAid agents from within SysAid is now improved. Asset Management
4926 The remote SNMP discovery service has been upgraded. Asset Management
4944 SysAid can now tell you in real-time which users are logged on to the network and which computer they're using. From this screen you can send an invitation to Chat, Broadcast message or Remote session to your user. This functionality requires the SysAid agent to have been installed. Asset Management
5084 Improvement in speed of the loading of the Software Product List. Asset Management
5650 When importing CIs from a .csv file, it is now possible to import the CI Sub Type field. CMDB
4690 You can now have a new GUI that allows you to add additional fields to your database for SysAid entities: Service Requests, Assets and Tasks & Projects. In addition, you can add a validation process for each new field . Customization
5054 You can now add your own custom trigger events to the following forms using a new SysAid API: Service Request, Asset, Tasks and Projects, and CIs. Customization
4154 If an end user submitted a service request with attached screenshot using the F11 hotkey, he can now see the screenshot he attached when he views the ticket from his list of previously submitted tickets on the end user portal. End-User Portal
4695 When submitting a service request via the End-User Portal, the Knowledgebase entries suggested to you are more relevant. You can also configure which fields in the Knowledgebase are searched for matches, or whether to disable this feature altogether. End-User Portal
4990 Additional fields have been made available for the Submit Service Request page on the End User Portal. End-User Portal
4993 The My Settings page in the End-User Portal now allows end-users to update their phone number. End-User Portal
792 SysAid now supports multiple survey questions. Additional reporting has been added to display the expanded data. General
906 Mandatory fields on SysAid forms are now marked with an asterisk (*). General
2119 The Helpdesk and Task & Project activities tables now allow you to attach CIs to your activities. General
4172 SysAid now displays times in 12 hour clock format. General
4429 SysAid now uses a newer version of the date selector (small calendar popup) that appears next to date fields. General
4636 You can now insert automatic texts in the middle of e-mails as well as at the end. General
4642 You can now make specific tabs on any form available only to certain groups. For example, you might create a tab where you store passwords. You can now restrict this tab to be seen by only the administrators you choose. General
4683 When using the expression builder (for custom filters, etc.), you now have the option to choose "is empty" for many of the fields. Examples: Due date field is empty, Assigned To field is empty. General
4759 Popup windows in SysAid can now be moved around the screen and the main screen is grayed out . General
4795 Support for IPv6 has been improved. General
4809 SysAid now supports Windows Server 2008 R2. General
4827 For form fields marked as view only, you can now give permission to specific administrator groups to edit that field. General
4911 Online help for SysAid is now interactive. New Online Aid has an entire library of help files that are integrated with the SysAid Community. General
4915 SysAid Administrators can now receive system messages upon login. For example, receive notification when a new release is available. General
5042 SysAid has been optimized further to increase the speed with which it loads and refreshes Service Request form. General
5168 SysAid now includes new API functionality for integrating SysAid with external applications. General
5184 Database field improvements have been made for SysAid users integrating with an Oracle database. General
5317 The "Customize" menu has been moved from under Preferences to the main menu for easier access. General
5396 There are two new available date fields for tasks. Also, the fomat of the date fields in tasks has been changed to include the hour. General
5651 Administrators can now send e-mails from within SysAid using their personal e-mail addresses. General
5652 Automatic notifications can now be sent from any outgoing e-mail address. General
5725 The database password in the server conf file is now encrypted. General
4899.a SysAid now includes an iPhone application that allows you to use many SysAid features from your iPhone. SysAid iPhone application is coming soon to the App store! General
4899.b SysAid now includes an application for Blackberry that allows you to use many SysAid features from your Blackberry. SysAid BlackBerry application will be available soon in the blackberry app world General
4899.c SysAid now includes an application for Android that allows you to use many SysAid features from your Android. SysAid Android application will be available soon in the Android market General
4051 In the related items section of a service request, you can now add assets and CIs. Helpdesk
4671 If a chat has an attached service request, you can now choose to have the chat logged as an activity in that service request. The activity start time is when the chat is accepted, and the activity end time is either when the chat closes or when the administrator releases the chat. Helpdesk
4979 You can now search a Service Request by SR# from different pages within SysAid. Helpdesk
5064 The instant message popups alerting administrators about new service requests can now be clicked on in order to go directly to the service request. Helpdesk
138 Service requests now have a Previous/Next button for ease in moving between service requests when browsing through a list. Helpdesk
554 Administrators can now create new service requests from the mobile portal. Helpdesk
1068 When changing the "Admin Group" in a service request, you can now have the "Assigned to" list show only administrators who are part of the currently selected admin group. In addition, when changing an Administrator that belongs to only one admin group, the Admin Group field shows his group. This functionality is configurable. Helpdesk
1466 When using the "Add a Note" button for the notes field, you now have the option to have notes added at the beginning or at the end. Helpdesk
1471 The Help Desk Matrix view now includes a custom filter so that you can filter by any helpdesk variables. Helpdesk
2213 You can now choose to only allow notes to be added to the notes field on a service request by using the "Add a note" button, and not by clicking on the field and typing. Helpdesk
3903 There is a new service request field: "Max Support Level." Admin groups in SysAid can now have a defined support level, and an admin from that group will be considered to be part of that level of support. Each service request will show a max support level that's determined by the highest level admin that the ticket has been assigned to. Helpdesk
4116 In addition to the "Assigned to" admin, a service request can now have a "Responsible" admin. In Helpdesk Settings there's a new option to e-mail the responsible admin when a service request changes. Helpdesk
4629 Initiate a remote control session with the submit user and request user from the Service Request. The end-user must have an agent installed in order for this functionality to work. Helpdesk
4632 You can now choose to allow only SysAid administrators to use the "Change SR Field to" button in the helpdesk list view. Helpdesk
4980 Clicking the "more..." button in the "Assigned To" field on a service request dropdown list will now pull up the same search page as when you click "Change" for request users. Helpdesk
5318 You can now add a third dimension to the matrix view to enable reporting on three variables at once. Helpdesk
5559 There is a new service request field: "Current Support Level." Admin groups in SysAid can now have a defined support level, and an admin from that group will be considered to be part of that level of support. Each service request will show the current support level that displays the level admin that the ticket is assigned to. Helpdesk
4797 GUI improvements have been made to IT Benchmark. IT Benchmark
4907 Usability enhancements have been added to the IT Benchmark, including the ability to change your specified industry. IT Benchmark
1549 You can now create incident sub-types in the helpdesk. For each sub-type, you can create a unique view, including which tabs and fields you would like to see when you open the incident. ITIL Package
4076 Additional information has been added to ITIL action items ITIL Package
4582 You can now access links and attachments in completed action items. ITIL Package
4622 There is improved terminology to help clarify the roles within the Change and Problem processes. ITIL Package
4624 Action items tabs in a change request are now colored red if the tab contains the "Approved" field and the contents of the Approved field is "No." ITIL Package
4656 In action item attributes, you now have "On activation, change status to" in addition to "On completion, change status to." ITIL Package
4692 There is a new field available in the list view that allows you to see all users who have an open action item on a Change or Problem. ITIL Package
4912 Administrators can now be given permission to open change requests or problems without needing to be a change manager. ITIL Package
4976 Improvements were made in the editing of Change and Problem templates. ITIL Package
4988 You can now pull data into an action item from any other action item within the change or problem. ITIL Package
4989 When creating a linked change from an incident, SysAid will now automatically copy the chosen category and the Request User from the incident to the change. ITIL Package
5005 There is a new available column for the Service Desk list view called "Links to Other Items." This easily allows you to see if an incident is linked to a change, problem, task, etc. ITIL Package
5105 You can now create custom Change and Problem templates without having to select an assigned to administrator. ITIL Package
5556 The "assigned to" field for changes and problems has been renamed "process manager" to help differentiate between the person responsible for the entire change or problem and the person responsible for individual action items (still referred to as "assigned to" for that action item). ITIL Package
525 SysAid now includes a quick, GUI based custom report building tool (wizard). This will allow for easier customization of reports. Manager Portal
4240 For any dashboard chart that reports on a grouping of service requests, you can now click on parts of the chart to open a new window showing the helpdesk with a list of those service requests. Manager Portal
72 Monitoring configuration items can now be edited. Monitoring
577 You can now restrict monitoring notifications so that they will be sent out only during certain hours. Monitoring
645 On a machine with multiple hard drives, you can now monitor each hard drive individually. Monitoring
3678 SysAid can now process SNMP traps and notify you accordingly. An SNMP trap is a notification sent from an SNMP device, in this case to SysAid. An example is a printer sending a low toner notification. Monitoring
3725 SysAid can now monitor network activity (packets sent/received) from computers and SNMP devices. This data can be displayed in a graph. You can also be notified if incoming or outgoing data rates exceed a specified threshold. Monitoring
4188 You can now enable/disable the monitoring configuration on a specific asset using a checkbox. Monitoring
4547 SysAid will now specify which service is not running if you are monitoring all auto started services. Monitoring
4707 The GUI in the monitoring section has been improved. Monitoring
4916 Now you can create your own customized monitoring configurations. These configurations can include notifications, graphs, etc. Monitoring
5558 The "Maximum time with no data from the agent" notification for assets has been changed from hours to minutes. Monitoring
35 SysAid now supports integration with Exchange using the MAPI Protocol. Preferences
39 SysAid now enables greater accuracy and flexibility in defining your helpdesk operating times -- you can choose different operating times for different days. Preferences
253 When deleting an administrator, you can now choose to have his/her service requests assigned to "none" instead of to a different administrator. Preferences
787 SysAid now supports multiple outgoing e-mail addresses. When sending an e-mail from within SysAid, you may choose your preferred outgoing e-mail address from a dropdown list. Preferences
1122 In customized lists, you can no longer delete list entries that are currently in use (e.g. deleting the pending status when tickets are in pending). Preferences
1134 When reassigning the duties of an administrator you are deleting, SysAid now reassigns routing rules, escalation rules, and quick lists in addition to service requests. Preferences
1538 In the "Actions to perform upon escalation" portion of an escalation rule, you now have an expression builder to allow full customization of escalation rule actions. Preferences
1849 There is a new field in Service Request form 'Survey status'. Each Service Request will display the status (Survey wasn't sent, Survey was sent, and Survey was answered) of the related Survey. The new field is also available for use in escalation rules - "Survey answered." Escalation rules can be triggered based upon whether or not the user has answered the survey for the service request in question. Preferences
3986 You can now prevent administrators from accessing specific pages within SysAid. This restriction will be in addition to their existing permissions. Preferences
4079 In escalation rules, you can now escalate based upon service request fields "Followup planned date" and "Followup actual date." Preferences
4152 In the helpdesk settings section, you can now edit the configuration tables. Preferences
4168 After SysAid has imported an e-mail into SysAid using e-mail integration, you can choose to have a copy of that e-mail sent to an e-mail address of your choice. Preferences
4339 Two new display options for any place a user is mentioned: "Last name First name" and "Username - Last name First name." Preferences
4497 When sending notifications, you can now reference the different fields of your assets. Examples: ${asset.computerName}, ${asset.building} Preferences
4625 You can now choose which languages will show in the language dropdown lists in SysAid. Only languages chosen will be visible when users select their preferred language. Preferences
4682 In escalation rules, you can now escalate x minutes before custom dates. Preferences
4800 In the SysAid event log, you can now manually add a custom event. Preferences
4856 Management of tables in SysAid (e.g. routing rules) has been simplified. Preferences
4923 In the translation file, all text related to the End User Portal has now been put into one section that can be translated. The End User Portal has also been translated into 42 languages. Preferences
5116 There are additional fields that can be used in Customized Notifications. Preferences
5343 The edit email address screen has been simplified. Preferences
5435 Under User Management --> End User Manager, you can now prevent specific users from logging into the End-User Portal. Preferences
5557 When deleting an administrator, you can now choose to reassign either all of his service requests or only his active service requests. Preferences
5653 The number of available timers in SysAid has been doubled. Preferences
5654 You can now choose to disable routing, priority, due date, and escalation rules without needing to delete them. Preferences
5655 Multiple e-mail addresses can now be mangaged independently. Preferences
5726 The layout of the send message form has been improved. Preferences
5859 For service requests generated by incoming e-mail integration, automatic e-mail notifications can now be sent from the e-mail address that the request was initially sent to. Preferences
4727 There is a new detailed report for Closed/Active Service Requests per period Reports and Analysis
4672 SysAid now has a brand new module: Service Level Management and Service Level Agreement. Create contracts on the level of support you must provide, score the performance of administrators, and view key performance indicators in a graphical Manager Dashboard. SLA/SLM Module
2295 There is a new SysAid module: the SysAid Calendar. Software expiration dates, service request due dates, and service request activities are automatically added to the Calendar. You can also create your own SysAid events. All dates are synchronized with Microsoft Exchange. SysAid Calendar
5563 You can now synchronize your service request activities, service request due dates, software expiration dates with Microsoft Exchange. SysAid Calendar
4627 You can now initiate a remote control session from within a chat provided the end user has the SysAid agent installed on his/her machine. SysAid Chat
4643 You can now delete automatice texts from chat queues. SysAid Chat
4817 SysAid now allows you to upload your own sound effects to notify you when an end-user has initiated a chat and enters the queue. SysAid Chat
4818 You can now upload or download files via a chat session. The files are saved in the chat history. If there is an attached service request, the files will be listed as attachments on that service request, as well. SysAid Chat
4942 In chats, you can now see when somebody is typing a message to you. SysAid Chat
5855 SysAid now allows you to upload your own sound effects to notify you when an end-user has sent a reply during your conversation. SysAid Chat
5860 End user replies are now accompanied by a sound effect. SysAid Chat
5238 It is now possible to filter the tasks list and the task form according to the different roles assigned to users responsible for the task (project manager, team leader ream member, or tester). Tasks & Projects
5351 In addition to the date, the time is now displayed in the Start and End Time of the task or project. Tasks & Projects







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