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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of SysAid 7.5! SysAid 7.5 is specially designed to make SysAid work better than ever for you. Its new features offer improved usability, more permission controls, better customization options, and other enhancements to help you manage your IT activities with ease and maximum control.

For a comprehensive overview of all that SysAid 7.5 has to offer, check out the SysAid 7.5 Flash Presentation. To view the presentation in PowerPoint, click here.

Release 7.5
FR# Description Module/Tool
5964 The Admin Portal now shows you which administrators are logged into Chat. Admin Portal
5715 You can now disable assets and still keep the complete asset histories for the disabled devices. Automatic inventory updates and all other agent capabilities are turned off for disabled assets. Asset Management
5918 In the Online Users, list, you can now click on the end user's name to open their profile, or the end user's asset to open their computer's profile. Asset Management
6075 You can now manually initiate an inventory update for any asset that has been imported by an agent or by SNMP scan. This will be done by clicking a new button, "update now," now located next to the "update time" field on the asset form. Asset Management
6125 SNMP scanning has been optimized to greatly increase speed. Asset Management
6524 Under Customized Appearance, you can now set the maximum number of assets that will display under "My Network Assets." Asset Management
5857 You can now create SysAid events for groups. All members of the group will see the event on their respective calendars. You can also create events for all users, which will include users not in groups. Calendar
4256 Just as CI types can each have their own form view, CI sub-types can now also have their own form view. If no view is specified for a CI sub-type, the default view for that CI type will be used. CMDB
5847 You can now easily connect one CI to multiple CIs, such as a network printer to all computers that use it. This is similar to creating "Links to other items." CMDB
6021 CIs can now belong to specific groups. Also, there are new permissions for administrators relating to the CMDB: modify/view CIs according to CI owner/group/all. CMDB
6410 You can now create custom fields for CIs. (*Ent) Customization
2365 End-users can now print the detailed form view of their service requests from "View your service history." End-User Portal
5908 The SysAid Calendar is now available to end users through the End-User Portal. End-users will see the request and due dates of their service requests, as well as any group events that are relevant to them. End-user access is read-only. End-User Portal
5942 The help icon "?" is now available to end-users from the End-User Portal. They will only see help files applicable to them. End-User Portal
6005 The End-User Portal "Submit SR Form" can now be customized from the GUI in addition to from the HTML files. End-User Portal
981 The expression builder now supports timers (e.g. Time to Respond > 15 minutes). General
1025 There is a new list of recently accessed items that will show you the last 10 items you've viewed. An item is the form view for any SysAid entity. General
6106 There is now search functionality in the SysAid Online Aid. General
6843 Introduced new and improved content for SysAid Online Aid (accessible from anywhere within the software by clicking the "?" icon). General
6844 Introduced several new security enhancements to SysAid. General
4613 There are two new fields available in automatic SR notifications: ${ci.ciName} and ${ci.serialNumber}. These fields pull from the CI attached to the service request. Help Desk
5748 The "links" field in the service request and project forms can now link to local/network storage (including files). This includes Lotus Notes links. Help Desk
6066 SysAid now includes a large set of predefined dropdown filters for the helpdesk list, any of which can be easily enabled using a checkbox. You can also customize the order in which the filters appear. Help Desk
6082 Activity start times and end times for service requests and tasks can now be displayed in 12 hour clock format. Help Desk
6172 For due dates, the filter builder now supports relative due dates. E.g.: "Last seven days", "Next seven days", "Has passed", etc. Help Desk
6602 Improvement in accessing and editing the design form of action items. Help Desk
5963 Administrators can now close chat sessions from within the Chat Console. Live Chat
6074 The Report Wizard now allows you to build a report that includes two different entities. Manager Dashboard
6435 You can choose whether inventory charts in the Manager Dashboard will show disabled assets. Manager Dashboard
5969 The service request form on the mobile app can now be customized. Mobile App
6088 The mobile app now supports additional fields such as "activities." Mobile App
873 There is a new permission for administrators: the ability to create/modify/delete Knowledge Base items. Preferences
1080 There is a new administrator permission for creating and modifying news items. Preferences
5188 The expression builder has been added to the "Customized OIDs" page so that you can tell the SysAid SNMP discovery tool to query a specific OID only for certain types of devices or in certain instances. For example, a particular OID for your printers shows whether there is low toner, but this OID is not applicable to devices other than printers. Using the expression builder, you will specify that this OID should be queried only for printers. Preferences
5242 SysAid now allows you to write to SNMP devices. You can choose which OIDs are writable. Preferences
5592 Notifications that create service requests (from Monitoring, Tasks& Projects, etc.) can now create service requests of specific sub types. Preferences
5947 There is now an option under User Management to determine whether an admin group appears in service request related admin group lists or not. Preferences
6078 You can now escalate based upon timers (e.g. time to respond, time to repair). Preferences
6085 For User Management, there is a new field available, "Display name." This field can be imported from LDAP, and can be chosen as the default display method for users (to replace "username"). If the "Display name" field is empty, "username" will be used instead. Preferences
6119 "After save" triggers have been optimized to increase performance. (*Ent) Preferences
6432 The .msi deploy file for the agent is now downloaded in .zip format. Preferences
5890 You can now restrict individual reports by admin group. Admins not in an approved group will not be able to see or run restricted reports. Reports and Analysis
6434 For all inventory reports, you can choose whether or not to include disabled assets. Reports and Analysis
5799 You can now write custom SQL queries on the Measurement Lists page so that you can create any custom lists you want. SLA Management
6517 The maximum character limit for the custom trigger fields has been increased. (*Ent) SysAid API
867 You can now create dependencies between tasks for start and end time. For example, the start time of task 2 is the end time of task 1. Tasks and Projects








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SysAid Release 7.0 or higher is needed in order to upgrade to SysAid 7.5. If you're using an edition of SysAid you purchased before the release of SysAid 7.0 called Pro Plus, go ahead and use the Pro Edition Upgrade link to get started with SysAid 7.5.