SysAid On-PremiseRelease Notes - SysAid 9.1


Release 9.1.00
FR# Description Module/Tool
9858 SysAid now takes a screen shot of multiple monitors when submitting a service record using the F11 hot key. Agent
12837 The SysAid Agent has been redesigned to use .Net technology which has resolved many bugs of the previous agent. In addition, the Agent's installer has been updated to allow configuration of proxy settings during installation. Agent
12339 The SysAid Menu has been redesigned to group the main features and functions of SysAid into four main menus. This menu allows to better utilize screen space, improve user experience and increase productivity. GUI
12341 The SysAid About page has been redesigned to show the relevant information depending on user permissions and account edition. GUI
12342 SysAid now has an Announcements list. This list shows Instant Messages from other Administrators, News, and SysAid product updates. GUI
12823 SysAid now allows you to limit which menu items are visible to which administrator based on administrator group. GUI
12340 Administrators can now add a personal photo to their User Profile. This photo is displayed when instant messaging other administrators, and will be used in future developments. GUI
12818 SysAid now allows you to choose between a Dark and Light Menu Color theme. GUI
12820 SysAid now has a centralized Settings Section that contains all the main settings for SysAid. GUI
12821 SysAid menus now only show items that the logged in administrator has permission to access. GUI
13097 The login and LDAP integration have been enhanced to accelerate the authentication process. In addition the login UX has been improved. Furthermore passwords can be temporarily cached to decrease the authentication time. Integration
12382 The SysAid Mobile App is now available for End Users. Mobile App








Step 1: On-Premise Upgrade to SysAid 9.1




Click here to download the Free Edition Windows upgrade


Click here to download the Free Edition Linux upgrade


  • The Linux patch will only work if the application is hosted on the root of tomcat or on /sysaid (it will not run well on any other directory name).
  • SysAid Release 7.5 or higher is needed in order to upgrade to SysAid 9.
  • To start using SysAid MDM capabilities, you must be running Tomcat 7 or above.
  • The 64 bit Windows upgrade can only be used if your initial SysAid installation was 64 bit. If you are not sure, you can try installing the 64 bit upgrade, and you will be prompted if it is incorrect. In that case, simply install the 32 bit upgrade.
  • SysAid Release 9.0 and higher for Linux/Unix/Mac requires SUN Java 1.7 or higher and Tomcat 7 to be installed on the SysAid server.


Step 2: If you are using RDS, upgrade to the latest version

RDS installation (32 bit | 64 bit)