SysAid On-PremiseRelease Notes - Summer 16


Release 16.3.17
FR# Description Module/Tool
24266 Patch Management licenses are set to update automatically when the agent is upgraded to the most recent version. Patch Management
FR# Description Module/Tool
22295 A pop-up message prompts admins to confirm upon deleting a statement in the Deploy Agents page. Agent
22489 Updates to the Mac agent's functionality: The SysAid desktop icon opens the About page, whereas new SRs are opened from the toolbar. Agent
21209 Admins can add links and attachments to the SR via the REST API. API
22831 Admins can use the SysAid REST API to retrieve key values from the translation files that use a specific prefix or a non-default language. API
19624 Admins can add the OS Serial Number column to the Asset list. Asset Management
22297 New method for calculating an asset's storage capacity to display more precise values. Asset Management
21425 Admins can now access data from the Total SR Activity field in BI Analytics. BI Analytics
21643 SRs deleted from SysAid are removed from BI Analytics data. BI Analytics
21891 Improvements to BI Analytics:\n1) In the "SR Breakdown by Priority" sheet, the Classification chart that showed currencies was replaced with a pivot table that displays categories and their priorities.\n2) New option allows admins to filter by close dates (Close Year, Close Quarter, Close Week, Close Month, Close Date) in addition to request dates.\n3) Admins can alternate between viewing SRs Over Time charts by request/close dates in the first two sheets. BI Analytics
21911 SRs are broken down by SR Type in BI Analytics. BI Analytics
21967 Information relating to BI Analytics run results is located in the Event Log. BI Analytics
22145 Custom Column calculations are displayed in the BI Analytics Timer sheet. BI Analytics
22149 Admins can modify certain BI Analytics charts to display different dimensions. BI Analytics
21217 Existing values for lists are displayed in alphabetical order in the list's drop-down in the Customize Lists page. Customization
21825 Values in the List drop-down menu in the Customize Lists settings page are grouped by entity. Customization
22745 Optimization of the way translation files are saved to only treat modified keys as custom translation. Customization
21023 If there is a problem with an email integration password the log message indicates which mailbox has the problematic password. Email Integration
21691 Admins can duplicate an email rule to use as the basis for a new rule. Email Rules
8364 Charts and graphs that were previously based on Flash technology, such as Dashboards and IT Benchmark, now run on HTML5. General
21539 The default SysAid logo matches the selected color theme. General
21983 The List View drop-down menu automatically adjusts its size to fit the longest value. General
22603 Upgrade logs included in logs downloaded from the About page. General
605 Admins can import SR categories to SysAid from a .csv file. For more information, see the Online Help. Help Desk
17202 Category drop-down lists automatically resize to fit the largest Category option. Help Desk
18303 Admins can limit which categories are available to other admins.For more information, see the Online Help. Help Desk
20807 Tool tip displays all recipients of an SR email message. Help Desk
21755 Admins can search the SR list by the Company field in the advanced search. Help Desk
21861 The available values in an SRs Template drop-down list are sorted alphabetically. Help Desk
21247 Admins can add tags to a knowledge base article by pressing the COMMA (,) key or the ENTER key after typing the tag. Knowledge Base
21617 A new RDS property allows for admins to refresh their LDAP's Users list and Groups list immediately after a previous refresh. LDAP Integration
21683 SysAid uses the translation file to display field names for mapping LDAP attributes to SysAId fields in LDAP integration. LDAP Integration
21819 Support for the new SysAid iOS app. Mobile
18529 Admins can assign an RDS to assets that were entered manually or via an SNMP or WMI scan for ping monitoring purposes. Monitoring
21039 Admins can specify which network card to ping for assets with multiple network cards. Monitoring
21847 Admins can only select the option to send an alert before automatically rebooting computers if an option to reboot computers is selected. Patch Management
21445 Performance enhancement improves the speed of SysAid's general functionality. Performance Enhancement
20633 The SR Duration field is displayed in SR reports in HH:MM format. Reports
21207 Admins can select to display a report's bar chart in stacked or clustered (side-by-side) bars. Reports
21727 Reports published to .pdf automatically use the logo set for the company of the admin who runs the report. Reports
21751 A confirmation alert appears when an admin selects to delete a report's automatic run schedule. Reports
21969 A new visual indicator informs admins when a report's preview pane is refreshing. Reports
22185 SysAid displays a message when an admin unsuccessfully attempts to upgrade to the new Reports module. Reports
21587 Visual Workflow : A new graphical representation of workflows is now available and includes Action Item statuses and dependencies. Service Desk
21697 Admins can duplicate a sub-type to use as the basis for a new sub-type. Service Desk
22287 SysAid can be setup to automatically assign SRs to members of a specified admin group who have the least SRs in their queue. For more information, see the Online Help. Service Desk
20473 Survey questions and answers can be customized in the translation file. Survey
14388 The Nagios integration allows for admins to automatically generate SRs from events and alerts in Nagios and import assets that Nagios is monitoring. Third-Party Integrations
21749 The OneLogin integration allows for SSO between OneLogin and SysAid.* Third-Party Integrations
21793 The IP FIlter add-on allows you to limit the access to your account to specific IP addresses or IP ranges.* Third-Party Integrations
21797 The OpenAM by Forgerock integration allows for SSO between OpenAM and SysAid.* Third-Party Integrations
21801 The Office 365 integration allows for SSO between Office 365 and SysAid.* Third-Party Integrations
21803 Multiple third-party integrations are available in SysAid including: Google Apps, TeamViewer, Bomgar, LogMeIn, and more. * Third-Party Integrations
22271 Custom Column pages contain hyperlinked breadcrumbs for improved UI navigation. User Interface
21647 Admins can search the Administrator and End User lists by company. User Management
21689 When an admin creates a new admin group the cursor automatically focuses on the Group Name field; The admin need not click the field before entering the name. User Management








SysAid Summer 16 Edition
On-Premise Upgrade



Windows (Upgrade)


Linux (Upgrade)




  • To upgrade to SysAid Summer 16, you must be running SysAid 14.4 or higher.
  • To start using SysAid MDM capabilities, you must be running Tomcat 7 or above.
  • You can only use the 64-bit Windows upgrade if your initial SysAid installation was 64-bit. If you are not sure, you can try installing the 64-bit upgrade. If it is incorrect you will be prompted, and then simply install the 32-bit upgrade.
  • To run SysAid release 9.0 and higher for Linux/Unix/Mac, you must have SUN Java 1.7 or higher and Tomcat 7 installed on the SysAid server.
  • SysAid's Patch Management capabilities require the latest versions of the SysAid agent and the RDS to be running on the machines you want to patch.




RDS Installation


If you are using RDS, upgrade to the latest version: