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Our System Status is a real-time view of the performance and uptime of our Cloud products and services. If you're a customer, please bookmark this page and check back if you experience a problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Cloud Outages


Q What happens to emails sent to SysAid during the outage?
A Nothing is lost. Emails remain inside the inbox until an incident is successfully opened in SysAid with all the details. The email is deleted from the inbox only after confirmation of creation is received. In case of partial or full outage – the emails sent before and during the outage will turn into tickets as soon as the system goes back online.
Q How am I notified of an outage?
A If for some reason there is an outage in your environment – when you try to access your account, you’ll be redirected to a dedicated page notifying you of the outage and giving you information on how to get updates. We provide details of outages on our cloud status page.
Q How do I know if I lost data?
A In the rare case of potential loss of data – you will be notified by our teams. We issue an incident report after every outage and we specifically address data loss issues.
Q Can I be moved to a more stable environment?
A You can move between environments, but it depends on your geographic location. Also, our infrastructure in all environments is similar, so moving within a region doesn’t improve stability if the issue is originating in DB problems.
Q What happens to messages sent to SysAid via the API that would normally generate a ticket?
A Since API calls go directly into the account’s Tomcat and DB, they will be lost and will have to be resent. The calling app will get a 503 (Service Unavailable) error so it can be detected. We don’t support queueing at the moment.
Q During the outage, what happens to notifications and escalations that were meant to run on a ticket?
A Since our schedulers don’t lose data, they will run when the service is back up.

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