Possible to Merge Tickets?

For anyone still hoping for this, I spoke to a tech yesterday and they said this was already done, but that they did not implement it due to complaints from "us" about how it worked. Apparently one of the things 'we' didn't like was the way Notes were included. He also mentioned something about how 'we' wanted to be able to comment on the individual tickets after they were merged. Of course that makes little sense considering all tickets are now one, and commenting applies to all merged tickets.

In short, it seems as though they are not going to let us do this. Yet, maybe. I suggested that it should become an option for each installation to choose if we want to merge or not.

I really dislike the parent/child setup we have now. It makes managing the occasional FWD/CC/Reply All email storm a real hassle when you have to click successively through a dozen or more email 'children' just so you can find out what the heck people are talking about.
SysAid Technical Writer
Hi All,

I'm glad to inform you that this feature is now available for all Cloud users.

You can view a short video documenting the Merge process on the Cloud Latest Release page (https://www.sysaid.com/product/cloud/latest-release).

Have a great day,