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Allow us to introduce you to our Free Help Desk Software, one of our contributions to the ITSM community

At SysAid, we’re proud to be part of a vibrant, global IT service management (ITSM) community, and that’s why we’re heavily investing in it – to enable us to better help you help your customers. Taking an active role in global ITSM conversations has allowed us to better understand the challenges that you and your business are facing, and for many of you it's clear that one of the biggest challenges is budget.


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Our Free Help Desk Software has been available on-premise since 2002, and many of our beloved customers have been using it happily for years. Beginning in 2014, we’ve been able to offer a solution that is even better than free – that’s right, our Free Help Desk Software is now available in the Cloud.

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Need more than just a standard ticketing system? Then we’ve got good news! our Free Help Desk Software offers you a fully-functioning Service Desk packed with all the essential capabilities, and even includes Asset Management. Worried about the lack of support that usually accompanies free software? Have no fear, you can find all the support you need in our Online Community.
Our Free Help Desk Software supports up to two administrators, 100 assets, and 100 end users. Need more? Why not check out SysAid Basic Edition? It’s an innovative and intuitive ITSM solution that is still affordable for any size organization.

Got questions about the full SysAid Free package, or need help deciding between On-Premise and Cloud? We’d be delighted to help.

Our Free Help Desk Software offers everything that you would expect and more from an IT help desk:

SysAid Education's key ITSM features
Ticket Management
SysAid’s ticket management capabilities support and help manage IT help desk processes from first contact to resolution or fulfilment.
Incident Management
SysAid’s incident management capabilities will help you to log, process, manage, and report on the issues that adversely affect your end users, and IT and business services.
Email to Ticket
Incidents can be submitted via email to one or more dedicated email addresses. Inbound email accounts are monitored by SysAid, and the new messages are automatically converted into tickets (including the attachments). Incoming emails related to existing tickets are automatically added to the relevant ticket’s internal messages section.
Automate your help desk processes such that every incoming ticket is automatically categorized, prioritized, and assigned to the most appropriate person or resolution group within your IT organization. This includes: automatic routing rules, automatic escalation rules, automatic due dates, and automatic prioritization.
Automatic Escalation Rules
SysAid provides a powerful, native, automated escalation and notification mechanism that allows you to set up rules related to tickets (and the associated records) according to a number of criteria. For example, you may wish to escalate a new ticket if it hasn’t been classified and assigned within one hour of receipt, by changing its priority and notifying the relevant manager.
Automatic Routing Rules
SysAid allows you to automatically assign tickets, and the associated records, to the most appropriate support people (or resolution groups) based upon the incident or service request record’s properties, such as classification/category, SLA, organization, and user group.
Customizable Survey
Collect customer feedback from end users, to measure end-user satisfaction, by automatically sending customized survey questions on incident or service request closure. The surveys can be in a single or multiple question format, and you can easily produce valuable user-satisfaction reports from the results.
Remote Control Directly from the Ticket
SysAid’s built-in remote control capabilities allow admins to offer remote assistance to end users – by connecting to their active sessions or remotely accessing unattended computers. Remote control is fully integrated throughout SysAid and is available from within: incident and service request records, asset records, and chat sessions.
Generate reports on your help desk/service desk activity and performance, service quality, problem or change management activities, hardware and software inventory, tasks, and projects. You can also configure the reports to present data in your preferred style.
Self-Service Portal (End-User Portal)
The SysAid Self-Service Portal lets end users submit incidents and request services, view IT announcements, chat with IT support people, consult the Knowledge Base for self-help, reset domain passwords or unlock accounts, and more.
F11 Hotkey for Submitting Service Records
End users can easily and swiftly submit tickets by pressing the customizable SysAid Hotkey (F11). This command captures a screenshot and opens their web browser directly to the ticket submission form, with both user and asset information automatically recorded.
Knowledge Base
SysAid Knowledge Base is a repository of tips and how-to solutions for both admins and end users. Admins can share their knowledge with peers, such as solutions to IT issues, and also provide knowledge articles for end-user self-help. The Knowledge Base is integrated within SysAid Help Desk so admins can easily find helpful articles from within a ticket or proactively suggest articles to users at first contact.
Dynamic Timers and Operating Hours
With this feature, you can configure timers to measure the time your tickets spend in various states. Then, SLAs and escalation rules can be set up or modified based on your real-world performance rather than possibly inappropriate industry standards. Example best-practice, built-in timers included within SysAid are: Time to Respond and Time to Resolve.
Dynamic Forms (Category-Driven Templates)
SysAid allows you to create different forms to match your different types of incidents or service requests. You can associate each incident or service category with a matching form, which is loaded automatically during ticket submission. Admins and end users can also select the desired form from a list.
Customizable Lists (views, filters, columns)
All SysAid lists (such as service records, users, assets, etc.) are customizable, with each customized list saveable as a separate view so that you can easily retrieve and view your data in multiple ways. For each view you can: decide which fields (columns) are visible in the list; control their order; define and use filters; and sort the list by any column.
Live Chat
SysAid Live Chat provides administrators and end users with a real-time chat communication channel to quickly address issues or help requests as they arise.
Stay organized with a calendar that’s completely integrated with every other SysAid capability.
Mobile Apps
Manage your help desk/service desk and other ITSM activities, and view asset information, on-the-go with SysAid Mobile Apps.
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