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Did you upgrade your organization to Vista yet ?  XML
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Did you upgrade your organization to Vista yet ?
Yes 7% [ 5 ]
No 76% [ 54 ]
Only the IT department 17% [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 71
Author Message
One of many

SysAider from release 5.5 United States
Joined: 26/09/2008
Messages: 6

We will not be moving to Vista and I am the one that makes that call. I do not want to replace all of my systems so that they will not perform as well as the old systems did running XP and don't get me started on the application compatibility issue it would pose.

However I am playing with the Window 7 RCs and it does show promise.
SysAid Wiz

SysAider from release 3.1 Indonesia Pathfinder
Joined: 12/06/2008
Messages: 903

What is starting to get on my nerve is... the growing number of notebook vendor who sells OS-centric products.

In the past even when it is preloaded you can always change them to whatever you want... now the drivers seems to be designed in such away that any other os (even from the same os vendor) will be "crippled" in one way or another...

Universally bollocks..
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