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SysAid Blog Celebrates 1st Birthday

By | January 24, 2014 in SysAid

Happy 1-year birthday to SysAid Blog

One year ago SysAid extended its multi-layered approach to social networking by starting this blog. We ventured to create a hub for conveying important ideas and trends – along with practical advice – for practitioners in the IT industry. We got off to a great start!

To celebrate the one year anniversary, I took a look back over the year to see what you guys were reading the most. From 67 blog posts in total during 2013, and with over 31,000 unique views - here are the Top 5:

  • Watch the SysAdmin Day Movie Trailer: Revenge of the SysAdmin
    To the best of my knowledge, never before has a software company produced a mafia-style movie trailer starring its own employees! Our tribute to system administrators around the world, in honor of SysAdmin Appreciation Day, combined the Sopranos and daily life dealing with IT tasks and needy end users. Based on the reactions we got, I’d say we were spot on :).
  • Release Preview: SysAid’s Fresh User Interface!
    In July, we finally unveiled a sneak peek at the much-anticipated new UI inside SysAid. It was a complete transformation and we received wonderful feedback. Our graphic design team along with the product management team worked tirelessly to test the waters before making final decisions, and yet still listened to special requests and adjusted a few things during the Beta period.
  • Migrating Exchange to Google Apps: This is My Story
    Oded Moshe, SysAid’s VP Product, had a story to tell that apparently struck a chord with masses of readers. Migrating a company from one system, namely MS Exchange, to Google Apps was a huge undertaking. This is what Oded and his staff did and it was not easy. With Oded’s new experience, he was clear on his advice and tips for anyone attempting to go through a similar process.
  • 5 Tweaks to Revamp Your SysAid Help Desk
    Talking about practical advice (this time specifically for your SysAid Help Desk), this blog post offered readers 5 simple modifications to be used to fine-tune your SysAid and make it more useful and productive. Providing specific links to tutorials and online help pages made this blog particularly value-adding.
  • What SysAid 9.1 New Release Means For YOU
    When we released version 9.1 this past year, it was a game-changer and our CEO Sarah Lahav wanted to make that crystal clear with this blog post. SysAid 9.1 represented how effective it is to communicate with our customers, as we heard what you had to say and acted upon your ideas. Plus we launched the SysAid On The Road program – traveling the world to meet customers face-to-face. Bottom line: SysAid is in listening mode and THIS will definitely continue into 2014.

In 2013 our blog roll was certainly a mixture of IT fun, SysAid happenings, and technology recommendations. Not a bad combination, but we’ve got lots of valuable changes in store for 2014, starting with the addition of a regular monthly blog by the world-renowned Stuart Rance - a strategist, consultant, trainer, and author with an international reputation as an expert in IT service management. Stuart literally wrote the book on ITIL – he authored the 2011 edition of ITIL Service Transition and co-authored the ITIL V3 Glossary. He has also written many service management pocket guides for itSMF and for the official ITIL portfolio.

The plan for 2014 is to concentrate on publishing best practices, which will be applicable to all IT professionals globally, not just to SysAid customers. From knowledge management to problem management, from CMDB advice to ITIL, we’ll be covering it all, and Stuart in particular will bring a combination of best practice advice and thought-provoking ideas about how to get real value from IT service management.

Please tell us - what interests you the most? Is there a specific IT process that you would like us to talk about? What do you want to see more of in our blog?

Please share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook where we are always listening.

Dena Wieder-Freiden

About Dena Wieder-Freiden

As SysAid’s Content Marketing Manager, Dena values most her friendships and daily conversations with the awesome IT service management (ITSM) authorities from all over the world! As they share their knowledge with her, she enjoys paying it forward to the IT community at large. Outside of work, she’s most likely at the gym, the beach, or at home watching a movie and spending time with her family.

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