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What healthcare customers are saying


“We’ve been using SysAid for 4 years to manage our IT support tickets across three hospital sites, including one of Canada’s busiest emergency departments.
We’ve been able to configure our incident categories to suit the specific needs of our hospital staff, and are using SysAid’s automation capabilities – which are all very useful for ensuring that our staff’s needs are met in an appropriate and timely manner.”

Chi-Cheng ChuChi-Cheng Chu, Manager, Information Services,
North York General Hospital

In a healthcare organization, service and device availability can mean the difference between life and death. It’s therefore pivotal that all of your IT and medical devices and technologies are supported accordingly.

How you’ll benefit from SysAid's healthcare solution

1. One-touch, omni-channel CX

Become “better, faster, cheaper” by delivering effortless, omni-channel customer experience

The SysAid Self-Service Portal provides your medical and admin staff with 24/7 self-service and self-help capabilities, that uses the correct medical terminology and is accessible from a variety of device types. Staff can log tickets for help, and view and monitor existing tickets – with the potential use cases far wider than simply IT (for example, staff recruitment and a pharmacy’s medication provisioning).
The SysAid Self-Service Password Reset capability takes the pressure off your overworked IT support staff (with associated labor savings), provides a quicker resolution for employees, and offers the 24/7 service required in a round-the-clock healthcare environment.
The SysAid hotkey for speedy incident logging (it’s a one-click incident submission capability that attaches all relevant information) providing a better end-user experience for medical staff and patients.


2. Digital inventory made easy

Simplify the process for tracking & auditing all equipment and assets in your healthcare organization

Network-based availability monitoring – ensuring that everything is as it should be, and alerting your staff when devices and services have issues. For example, when a network-connected medical device is unreachable and potentially no longer working.
The SysAid Barcode App that allows your staff to painlessly carry out IT and medical equipment audits across your locations. This includes networked equipment, such as monitoring machines and portable x-ray machines, as well as non-networked equipment, such as beds and wheelchairs.


3. Intelligent insights

Make better business decisions – through greater visibility into performance, improvement, and outcomes

SysAid’s Reporting and BI & Analytics capabilities will give your healthcare organization valuable insights. For example, tracking the efficiency of certain medical services (such as blood test and other patient test processing) or new staff onboarding; providing facilities management and health and safety KPIs.
Plus, SysAid’s IT Benchmark capability allows your healthcare organization to compare its performance to that of other healthcare IT departments around the world.

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