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View, secure, control, and manage your assets in one place with SysAid IT Asset Management (ITAM) and simplify your asset tracking and inventory. Take action and efficiently manage your IT environment using a solution that is fully integrated with SysAid Help Desk. Get the right data where you need it, when you need it, with a solution that automatically displays relevant information in your tickets.

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Free IT Asset Management

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Gain control over your IT system using all the built-in asset management features.

SysAid Free IT Asset Management

IT Inventory Management

Track your IT assets and understand more about them. View the software installed on each asset and details of the hardware components within it, e.g. CPU, RAM, and HDD, via SysAid’s IT inventory management software. Any hardware or software changes made to networked inventory items are also automatically added to the asset activity log. This automatically created log allows you to keep track of changes and helps support staff in the incident management process.

Free IT Inventory Management
Free IT Asset Management Service History

IT Asset Management Service History

View a complete list of the tickets associated with any given asset – both active and resolved tickets. This will help you to identify recurring issues related to the asset or asset groups and then, where appropriate, create associated problem records through the SysAid Help Desk.

Supplier Catalog

Use the Supplier Catalog to manage contract and business details for each of your suppliers. To ease maintenance and track support details, you can also attach each asset to the appropriate supplier.

Supplier Catalog
Software License Management

Software License Management

Use SysAid Discovery and IT Asset Management free software to track the number of installs for each software product. Log how many licenses you’ve purchased (for each software product) and create notifications/alerts for where the number of installs exceeds the number of purchased licenses, i.e. you company is in a non-compliant state and financially at risk. You can also set up a notification to track any unknown software that may be installed (that is not on your white list).

Hardware Catalog

SysAid automatically compiles a list of all hardware models found on your network. You are able to know how many devices of each type you have and you can add supplier, warranty, maintenance, and other relevant information to each catalog model.

SysAid Hardware Catalog

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