SysAid Service Level Management

Create and manage service level agreements for the quality and speed of service that your IT team is expected to provide. Define routing rules, priorities, due dates, and escalation rules for each service and SLA, and measure how your service desk is performing via a real-time graphical dashboard.

Service Level Management Based On ITIL Best Practice

SysAid ITSM’s ITIL-aligned service level management software and its capabilities will help you to identify service requirements, agree and sign off new service level agreements (SLAs), and to monitor and report upon service levels ﹘ where ITIL is the IT service management (ITSM) best practice framework formerly known as the IT Infrastructure Library.

Use SysAid’s service management software to help those involved in the service level management process achieve what ITIL defines as the objectives of service level management:

  • Defining, documenting, agreeing, monitoring, measuring, reporting, and reviewing the level of IT services provided, and then instigating corrective measures whenever appropriate
  • Providing and improving the relationship and communication with the business and end users
  • Ensuring that specific and measurable targets are developed
  • Monitoring and improving customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring that IT and end users have a clear expectation of the level of service to be delivered
  • Ensuring that the levels of service delivered are subject to proactive continual improvement
If ITIL’s service level management best practice isn’t right for you and your organization, then with SysAid ITSM, it’s easy to configure and customize the out-of-the-box service level management capabilities to meet your exact needs.


Could ITIL best practices enhance your organization?

SysAid ITSM: Service Level Management

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Create SLAs that document the agreed service levels and responsibilities across your services:

  • Create and configure multiple SLAs
  • Specify SLAs for individual end users as well as groups and the organization as a whole
  • Set up different operating hours for different SLAs as appropriate
  • Set up advanced measurements

Integrated with the Service Desk

Integration with the SysAid Service Desk makes SLA measurement and adherence easier. Within each incident, or service request, record you can quickly see the SLA that relates to the incident or service request. With this information, service desk agents can follow the steps needed to ensure that they meet the SLA.

Configure SysAid Service Level Management to Suit Your Needs

Create and customize your own SLAs and measurements to suit your specific IT and business requirements. Specify which users get VIP service, analyze SLA performance by service desk agent, and determine the optimum, warning, and critical values for your service level management and operational dashboards.

SysAid Service Level Management Dashboard

The SysAid Service Level Management Dashboard charts give you an immediate visual overview of your current performance against SLAs:

  • View your current performance
  • Predetermine the values of your optimum, warning, and critical performance levels
  • Drill down from a higher-level management perspective all the way to a specific incident or service request record
  • View your daily performance over the previous 60 days to identify both positive and adverse trends

Built-In Measurements

SysAid Service Level Management comes with built-in measurements that you can use to evaluate your performance against each SLA. SysAid Service Level Management automatically measures and compares how your service desk has performed in comparison to how it was supposed to perform in respect of SLAs.

Designed in-line with service desk industry ITSM best practices, some of these measurements include:

  • Percentage of incidents resolved by first level support
  • Average time to resolve incidents
  • Percentage of reopened incidents
  • Average time to respond
  • Percentage of urgent incidents

Instantly Evaluate Your IT Performance

Because the Service Level Management module is completely integrated into SysAid ITSM, it automatically calculates the measurements you need to get an instant snapshot of your performance in real-time in the Manager Dashboard.

If you notice that the percentage of reassigned incidents has been going up, then drill down on the measurement to see the individual incident records used in the calculation. Locate the issue, take the necessary actions to fix it, and improve your future performance against SLAs.