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From a technology perspective, it’s imperative that IT failures don’t have an adverse impact on manufacturing productivity. However, there’s also a need to digitally transform your organization’s back-office operations and fill in gaps within your supply chain.

What manufacturing customers are saying


“SysAid is more aligned with ITIL than other ITSM solutions I’ve used. With SysAid, we've standardized our Incident Management process and dramatically reduced resolution time by using automation.”

Michael Zielinski, IT Service Manager
AVK Holdings

How you’ll benefit from SysAid's manufacturing solution

1. Simple, one-touch customer experience


The SysAid hotkey for speedy incident logging, providing a better end-user experience for employees working in the factory, warehouse floor, distribution center, or front office.
Self-service capabilities that provide your staff with 24/7 service, and can be used for more than just IT issues – for instance, instructions on fixing common machinery issues, or checking availability of communal assets like diagnostic devices.

2. More automation, less repetition


Service Desk automation that can be used at various points in the supply chain and back-office processes. From automated diagnostic checks, to the automation remediation of machinery-based issues identified via monitoring tools.
Service orchestration that automates the process for onboarding and offboarding staff – whether they work in your factory or front office – ensuring they have everything they need on day one.

3. Digital inventory made easy


SysAid Asset Management covers all assets, e.g., distribution assets (from pallets and containers to vehicles), employee-related loan equipment for HR, or various production assets used within manufacturing processes.
SysAid Barcode App allows you to do a rapid scan-and-go audit of barcode-labeled production assets, including operational workstations, diagnostic devices, and portable plant machinery.

4. More visibility, better decisions


SysAid offers both Reporting and BI & Analytics capabilities to help you gain valuable insight into performance, including trends and improvement opportunities, for instance identifying production or distribution bottlenecks within your supply chain.
A key differentiator for SysAid customers is an IT Benchmark capability that allows you to compare your performance to other manufacturing organization’s around the world.

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