SysAid CMDB Software

SysAid's CMDB software helps you to keep track of the configuration items in your IT ecosystem, maps the connections between them, and helps you predict the influence of changes.

Predict the Business Impact of Change with CMDB Software

Have you ever replaced a server during business hours and unintentionally caused hours of critical service downtime with an associated financial cost? Or upgraded a router to later find out that it adversely affected every PC, and person, on the first floor? Through the effective use of configuration management and a configuration management database (CMDB), you can track every IT component (called a configuration item by ITIL) in your IT ecosystem, and view the relationships between assets, applications, business services, people, and anything else you wish to track and manage related to configuration items. This greater insight and control gives you the information you need to predict the business impact of change and, at a higher level, manage the changing IT dynamics within your organization.

Automatically Import Data into Your CMDB

Instead of needing to manually enter individual configuration items (commonly abbreviated to CIs), SysAid’s CMDB software allows you to automatically import data on your assets, software products, and catalog items from other SysAid modules, which were automatically discovered by network discovery, to the CMDB. Other items can be imported from CSV files for quick and easy deployment and maintenance of the CMDB.

Need help predicting and managing the influence of changes?

Change ImpactsData Import
CMDB Software: Change Impacts
CMDB Software: Data Import

Create a Comprehensive and Insightful Inventory of Your Assets

Your company’s IT activities encompass many different elements: IT services, computers, software, mobile devices, network infrastructure, people, and more. SysAid’s CMDB software allows you to map out your entire IT and service ecosystem by recording IT inventory and non-IT “components” as CIs, and the relationships between them. The SysAid CMDB acts as a central repository of information that allows you to keep track of every component and to better understand the impact of a changed CI on the other CIs it has a relationships with.

  • Add an unlimited number of CIs
  • Create CI types and subtypes to categorize your inventory
  • Configure more than 250 fields to best describe your CIs to the level of detail that your planning, operational, and reporting/analysis requirements need

Create Relationships between CIs

SysAid’s CMDB software enables you to define the relationships between your CIs and view them in intuitive graphical maps. Defining the physical connections (e.g. that a computer is connected to a printer) as well as the logical connections (e.g. the processing of the monthly payroll depends on the accounting software) better enables strategic change and refresh planning.

  • Create an unlimited number of relationship types between CIs (“connected to,” “accessed by,” “installed on,” etc.)
  • Automatically map out the relationships between your IT assets, software products, and catalog items
  • Visualize the detailed relationships and connections between everything your IT department manages and delivers
  • Label the CI subtypes with your own icons

Conduct Root Cause Analysis

The SysAid CMDB software allows you to track the state of your CIs via an intuitive visual interface and graphical map. Every CI is represented by an appropriate icon, and these icons change color to reflect associated incidents, problems, changes, and monitoring alerts. For example, if the icon for Server A suddenly turns red in the CMDB, it means that it has reached a warning threshold and requires immediate attention. With the graphical map, you can also quickly check which elements of your network will be affected if Server A goes down, and develop a recovery plan to manage the associated risks and minimize the potential impact.

SysAid CMDB Is Fully Integrated with All Other SysAid Capabilities

SysAid’s CMDB software is fully integrated with the rest of SysAid. Thus, you can access important information about CIs and consult the CMDB relationship maps from within the Help Desk, IT Asset Management, Tasks & Projects, and Problem and Change Management modules:

  • Access every CI’s service record history while in the help desk
  • Link all IT assets, software products, and catalog items to the CMDB
  • Attach CIs to activities and tasks
  • View relationship maps from within a change or problem record
  • Set priorities to CIs that can be used to auto-populate priorities of incidents
  • Keep a full history of each CI with a full audit trail of updates

SysAid’s CMDB software is part of the SysAid ITSM edition, and is an optional extra with the SysAid Help Desk edition.