ITIL Incident Management - Take Your IT Management to the Next Level

SysAid ITSM’s incident management and service request management capabilities will help you to transform the way you manage incidents and service requests. Aligned with ITIL’s IT service management (ITSM) best-practice framework, SysAid ITSM will help you to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your service desk and IT operations.

Incident Management

SysAid ITSM’s ITIL-aligned incident management software and its capabilities will help you to log, process, manage, and report on the IT issues that adversely affect your end users, IT services, and business services ﹘ where ITIL is the IT service management (ITSM) best practice framework formerly known as the IT Infrastructure Library.

Use SysAid’s software to help your service desk agents to achieve what ITIL defines as the objectives of incident management:

  • Ensuring that standardized methods are used for the efficient response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management, and reporting of incidents
  • Increasing the visibility and communication of incidents to both business and IT support staff
  • Enhancing the business perception of IT and its services through a professional approach to quickly resolving and communicating incidents when they occur
  • Aligning incident management activities and priorities with those of the parent business
  • Maintaining end-user satisfaction with the quality of IT services

Through an incident management process that includes:

  • Incident detection and recording
  • Initial classification and support
  • Escalation to a major incident process where needed
  • Invocation of the service request process if not an incident
  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolution and recovery
  • Incident closure
  • Continuous ownership, monitoring, tracking, and communication
If ITIL’s incident management best practice isn’t right for you and your organization, then with SysAid ITSM, it’s easy to configure the out-of-the-box incident management process. SysAid’s software can be tailored to your exact needs and operational processes.

Could ITIL best practices enhance your organization?

It’s More Than Just Incident Management Software - Service Request Management

While IT support is often viewed as the management of incidents using ticketing software, service desk agents also need to efficiently fulfil end-user requests for new products or services. SysAid’s service request management capabilities, also known as service request fulfillment by ITIL, help you to better manage these requests and improve the service experience to end users. SysAid ITSM is so much more than just traditional help desk, ticketing, or incident management software.

You can use SysAid’s service request management capabilities to help your service desk agents to achieve what ITIL defines as the objectives of service request fulfillment:

  • Maintaining end-user and customer satisfaction through the efficient and professional handling of all service requests
  • Providing a channel, or channels, for users to request and receive standard services
  • Providing information to end users and customers about the availability of services and how to obtain them
  • Sourcing and delivering the requested standard services
  • Assisting with general information, complaints, or comments.
Again, if ITIL’s service request management best practice isn’t right for you and your organization then, with SysAid ITSM, it’s easy to configure the out-of-the-box service request management process to meet your company’s exact needs.
Incident ManagementService Request Management
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SysAid ITSM is so much more than traditional help desk, ticketing, or incident management software:


Benefit from the SysAid Self-Service Portal

The SysAid Self-Service Portal lets end users submit incidents, request services, view IT announcements, chat with IT support people, consult the knowledge articles for self-help, reset domain passwords or unlock accounts, and more.

Benefit from SysAid Knowledge Management

SysAid Knowledge Management is an integrated knowledge management module for making incident resolution tips and how-to solutions available to all. Service desk agents and other resolution groups can capture, develop, share, and effectively use knowledge relating to solutions to IT issues and also provide end users with relevant self-help information as needed (via the SysAid Self-Service Portal).

Benefit from SysAid CMDB

SysAid’s CMDB will help you to predict the impact of changes, and the associated potential for incidents, and allows service desk agents to use graphical representations of the IT and service environments to better understand the business impact of incidents and problems.

Benefit from SysAid Chat

SysAid Chat provides service desk agents, other IT team members, and end users with a real-time chat communication channel to quickly address issues and meet help requests as they arise.

Benefit from SysAid Mobile Apps

Manage your help desk, IT service management (ITSM) tasks, and your IT assets while on-the-move with SysAid Mobile Apps.

Benefit from SysAid Remote Control

SysAid’s built-in remote control capabilities allow service desk agents and other IT support personnel to connect to end-user active sessions, or unattended computers, to give remote assistance.

SysAid's incident management software is certified for ITIL compatibility with PinkVERIFY™ v3.1