IT Analytics

SysAid offers a range of sophisticated and user-friendly analytics tools to help you obtain an accurate and holistic view of your IT service performance.


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BI Analytics – powered by Qlik®
Save time. Make a difference.
Reporting, redefined
Real-time measurements tailored to your needs
SysAid brings you a BI Analytics tool that’s built into your SysAid solution, saving you significant time on integration and implementation. Choose from predefined KPIs to get started immediately, or customize the interface to suit your needs. Read more...
Gain a bird's-eye perspective of your team’s performance and trends.
Easily drill down to measure the data you need, and uncover hidden information.
Share data openly with your stakeholders via any platform or device.
Answer critical strategic questions with far less effort and time. Make a difference.
SysAid provides you with the reporting tools you need to measure your service desk performance in real time, identify issues and bottlenecks, and track your IT asset inventory. Find out how easy it is to create codeless, tailored reports using an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI. Read more...
Over 70 pre-built reports plus codeless customization available.
Present KPIs on your team’s performance and on the status of: incidents, requests, problems, changes, IT assets, customer satisfaction, project tasks, and more.
Access comprehensive data about your IT hardware including mobile devices, software, and catalog products.
Set up dynamic timers and automated alerts to easily monitor incident response times, resolution times, and defined service breaches.
SysAid IT Benchmark
Everything is relative
Animated Summary
Accountability has never been so entertaining!
SysAid IT Benchmark provides a global perspective on your team’s service performance, allowing you to measure and evaluate your performance over time, and also in relation to 10,000 other IT teams across the globe. Read more...
Evaluate your team’s KPIs regarding: ratio of opened/closed tickets, average number of tickets closed per agent, % of tickets submitted via email, average resolution time, and ratio of end users to agents.
Set performance goals based on real-life IT benchmarks from the field.
View recent performance trends that can help you identify the root causes of issues.
Present your team’s achievements to management in context with objective industry statistics.
Demonstrate your team's performance and organizational value to management in an entertaining and engaging way. SysAid’s Animated Summary lets you produce and share a fun, customized, short animation clip that presents your key IT statistics.

“We are now able to respond to seven times the volume of monthly incidents compared to what we were able to achieve before SysAid.”

Enrique Gatica A., Avionics Group Leader
LAN Airlines