SysAid Education

A Service Desk Built for IT Support in Education

SysAid Education is our value package that provides all the essentials IT features to fulfill the needs of your educational institution, such as: discounted licensing, an unlimited end-user base for all student, teachers, and staff, and a unique license structure to meet the needs of IT admins who manage administrative requests.



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SysAid Education Edition


  • Affordable, easy to use, and quick implementation
  • Customize Self-Service Portal for students and teachers
  • Reduce repetitive inquiries and high volume of tickets and calls
  • Keep students and staff informed with the latest information on campus

Education Edition Licensing

  • Unique educational license structure
  • Unlimited end-user base
  • Special pricing
  • 24/7 support for students and faculty
British Science Association
Columbia University
Concord University
The City College of New York
John Hopkins University
Michigan State University
NB Academy
Oklahoma State University
Pennsylvania School of the Deaf
Rutgers Business School