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SysAid UI Refresh: A Dual Effort with Our Customers

By | March 20, 2019 in SysAid

SysAid's refreshed UI

We did it! But, not alone, only with our customers. SysAid collaborated with many customers around the world to get their input on the new UI. We did this because we value our customer's opinion, and we strive to keep our customers happy. So, what is all the hype, and what is exciting with SysAid’s new UI?

I’ll fill you in.

The goal was to significantly enhance the user experience by creating something that is cleaner, drives action, and will help you be more effective in delivering top-notch service. The result preserves the previous unique customizability, setting SysAid apart from other platforms while minimizing the need to click or scroll when working on incidents.

The goal was to significantly enhance the user experience by creating something that is cleaner, drives action, and will help you be more effective in delivering top-notch service @SysAid #UIRefresh Click To Tweet

We mentioned in our press release that IT admins spend 85 % of their time on ticket resolutions. Ever feel like your tickets just keep escalating? Or that you are wasting your time on repeated incidents? You might think it’s fine, but it’s not, there are ways to save your time!


Your time is important

Fortunately, our enhanced UI is engineered to reduce IT admin effort and save time. This is wonderfully accomplished by providing all the tools and data you need in one window.

Other helpful features include a:

  • Personalized insights panel: including a selection of agent and departmental KPIs at a glance, which enhances efficiency for IT admins and speeds up ticket resolution.
  • Modernized admin dashboard: making it easier for IT admins to gain immediate valuable insights from their service desk data.
  • Configuration without coding: teams can employ multiple layouts/insight configurations to further optimize ticket resolution.
  • Newsfeed-like display: presenting incidents like news stories, descending from the broadest information to the most detailed.
  • Smarter, cleaner, simpler and more beautiful appearance: the sharper user interface was created to drive action and help IT teams be more effective in delivering top-notch service to their organizations.

Wait, there’s one more thing...

Don’t forget about Joe the IT Guy! Joe had his own refresh. That’s right, our IT guy also deserved a makeover. Time has passed and Joe has matured, he’s wiser and far more experienced in the world of ITSM. He was even named one of the top 25 thought leaders, in technical support and service management for 2018 by HDI. You can follow Joe at @Joe_the_IT_guy, if you aren’t doing so already — he’s truly the guy who’s on top of ITSM news.

Want to learn more?

We are proud of the changes to our new UI and know you’ll feel the difference. Please note that this is only the first phase, with some exciting new enhancements taking place later in the year. Be sure to stay tuned.

Want to see the new UI in action for yourself? If you missed the webinar or you’d like to watch it again, you can find the on-demand recording here.

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Doron has 15 years' experience in managing global marketing for unified communications, enterprise mobility, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. As SysAid's Director of Product Marketing, his responsibilities include developing the go-to-market strategies for SysAid's products, with a strong focus on automation, analytics, and AI. A regular speaker at AI events, Doron’s expertise in this domain means he is frequently asked to brief analysts, journalists, and customers on new developments in this industry. Doron was also on the AI Advisory Board for TM Forum. Outside of the office, you’ll find Doron on the football pitch (soccer field), playing drums or spending time with his kids.

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