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SysAid’s Magical Built-In Service Orchestration Engine

By | October 2, 2019 in Service Desk

Magical Built-In Service Orchestration Engine

If I were a genie, and I could grant your organization just one wish – wouldn’t you love me to slash your ticket resolution time? And what if I could also give you back 30% of your day? Well, guess what? You don’t even need a genie to accomplish this – because earlier this year we launched Automate Joe™, the first IT service management (ITSM) offering that enables you to orchestrate and automate service delivery across the business, application, and infrastructure layers at the push of a button.

What does that mean for you?

Automate Joe frees up your time and solves automation problems by fully orchestrating the delivery of low-level services such as provisioning, updating, changing, and de-provisioning of service components. Most automation tools are siloed, but Automate Joe is built into SysAid and it orchestrates tasks involving systems and applications outside of the SysAid environment, all from a single point of control. With Automate Joe you’re able to lighten your service desk team’s load while boosting productivity, service agility, and end-user satisfaction.

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Sounds like genie work, huh?

The beauty of Automate Joe is that it can free up service desk agents from manual tasks, such as employee onboarding and offboarding. It improves productivity, accelerates processes, and the magical part of it all – it slashes ticket resolution times.

Why did SysAid develop Automate Joe?

Most service desk agents are stuck doing rote, error-prone tasks that siphon time away from more valuable work. We found that IT departments spend 30% of their time on repetitive, low-level tasks. If the time wasted on these manual tasks were regained, IT could focus more on value-creating projects and innovations that enhance the end-user experience.

Here are some of Automate Joe’s key features:

  • Fully orchestrated service delivery across all departments – at the push of a button.
  • Infrastructure automation, including application release and deployment automation within the same platform.
  • IT workflow rollback and restart capabilities for each task.
  • Automatic scheduling and calendar handling with each service execution.
  • Full audit trail of all actions to ensure compliance of processes and configurations.
  • One turnkey solution to provision, update, change, and patch.
  • Single point of control for full-stack service delivery.
  • Recover resources to manage expenses by de-provisioning services, not in use.

Also important to note is that Automate Joe integrates with open source and public cloud solutions from OpenStack, Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, and VMware – enabling service desk agents to orchestrate the delivery of hybrid cloud services. Plus, the service desk can continue to use IT automation tools from Puppet, Chef, and VMware alongside Automate Joe.

The beauty of Automate Joe is that it can free up service desk agents from manual tasks, improves productivity, accelerates processes, slashes ticket resolution times. #ITSM Click To Tweet

“You ain’t never had a friend” like Automate Joe

According to a recent EMA report, one of the main obstacles in automation is a lack of integration between ITSM platforms and other IT applications. The resulting automations are usually unreliable because they involve piecemeal scripts and products spanning internal and external applications. Automate Joe addresses these concerns by orchestrating tasks across hundreds of external applications using automation scripts that have been tested for reliability and are easy to set up.

And here’s a sampling of what you can automate:

  • Employee onboarding and off-boarding
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning of VMware virtual machines
  • Deploying software via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • Creating new groups and adding or removing members in Active Directory
  • SFTP file transfers
  • Microsoft Exchange mail systems workflow

There are hundreds more – take a look at the Automate Joe Marketplace.

So, are you ready to rub the lamp, and gain a friend like Automate Joe?

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