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Watch the SysAdmin Day Movie Trailer: Revenge of the SysAdmin

By | July 25, 2013 in General IT


Have you ever fantasized about what your life would be like if you, say, hired the Mafia to handle your service requests?

Hmmmm, interesting, right?

Well, SysAid has created a short, HILARIOUS movie trailer starring members of the SysAid team that combines the Sopranos and your daily life dealing with IT tasks and needy end users. 

Wishing you all a Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day—we appreciate what you do as an IT admin every day!

Hope we gave you the gift of hysterical laughter on your special day.

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Sarah Lahav

About Sarah Lahav

As the company’s 1st employee, Sarah has remained the vital link between SysAid Technologies and its customers since 2003. Current CEO, former VP Customer Relations. Always passionate about customer service! Mother of two adorable young boys and a baby girl...juggles work, family, and zumba classes with ease.

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