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Dear SysAiders,

We've had an exciting month, with the launch of SysAid 5.6 and the positive feedback it got.

And speaking of launches, after the revision in format of this newsletter which we've launched last month, we're now introducing a new section - Know Your Knowledgebase which will feature solutions that work for common IT issues.

In the holiday spirit of giving, SysAid Knowledgebase and the Translation capability are both SysAid Resources designed to enable you to share knowhow and import it to your local SysAid as well as to give back to the SysAid Community by sharing your own contribution with other IT professionals. I believe that in 2009 we will witness reinforcement of this trend where expert user generated content (UGC) will be shared in favor of corporate use. And in this spirit, we're working on some new capabilities which will integrate the SysAid Resources into your local SysAid. We will introduce them during 2009.

Take a look at the creative internal campaign that Coca Cola Israel launched to introduce SysAid within the organization. If you want to have such a campaign and need our resources contact our Marketing Communication department. They'd love to lend a hand or a creative concept.

Until next year, happy holidays to you and your loved ones.


Israel Lifshitz


In this issue:

Coke Side of IT Life

Know your Knowledgebase

A Tip for importing registry keys from the SysAid clients

Early Bird Discount for SysAid Certification Program

Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

SysAid Poll of the Month: Is the slowdown hitting IT?

IT Joke: The 12 Bugs of Christmas

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Coke Side of IT Life

The team in Coca Cola Israel had put the IT into creativity last week, as they arranged a special internal launch campaign to introduce SysAid to the employees.

Want to promote SysAid within your company?
Our Marketing Communication department can help you build the right campaign. Feel free to contact us.


Know Your Knowledgebase

Welcome to the first item on Knowledgebase Know-how. Real questions, reliable answers - it's all in the SysAid knowledgebase. The SysAid Knowledgebase provides real, instant value to any individual and organization which uses it. On top of dramatically reduced email volume, the SysAid Knowledgebase increases search accuracy and delivers proven methods to real-life questions.

You can integrate this post, as well as other found in the Knowledgebase forum, directly into you local SysAid in a single click. Feel free to share more information and help build a powerful generic IT helpdesk knowledgebase.

Take this one, for example: "I don't seem to have the proper software to open files with the .docx or .xlsx extensions. I get a "please select a program to open with...." message. Read the answer and add it to your local SysAid.


A Tip for importing registry keys from the SysAid clients

A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support Team

My tip this month is a new exciting feature that was implemented in the last SysAid 5.6 release for users of the SysAid Full edition. The new feature enables you to select specific information under the registry that SysAid agent will pull.

For example:

Version of specific install that is significant to you and you wish to display under our asset list information.

Take these four quick steps:

  1. Go to Preferences -> Asset Setting -> Registry Keys.
  2. Under Full Registry key path -enter the complete path to the specific location where the information will appear under registry.
  3. Go to System -> Asset List -> open any asset, click on Design Form icon , look for a field named Registry Value under available fields and move it to visible fields.
  4. Click on Save.

Now to verify that everything is correct, what you need to do is go to:

Preferences -> Asset Settings -> next to inventory click Run Now.

This could take a few minutes, so check again if the information appears under registry value field.

Visit SysAid community to comment about this tip.


Early Bird Discount for SysAid Certification Program

Save the date: On February 2nd 2009 the next SysAid Certification Program will begin.
Quick SysAiders looking to maximize their SysAid as well as get greater ROI can enjoy the early bird discount: $535 instead of $595 for an elaborate seven session course.

Register now to ensure your seat as well as enjoy the 10% discount.


Hottest Posts from the SysAid Community

Lost in translations? Not with SysAid's translation capability!

This Portuguese post as well as a post in Russian discuss the new translation versions which enable users worldwide to communicate with others in their Mother tongue. All you non native-English speakers, use this capability to interact smoothly in your own language. This could be super efficient if you wish to contact other SysAiders from your country, share local issues, or simply discuss things freely and easily.

Even if you are an English speaker you can still use this feature to post your own personalize version of the standard SysAid text. If you have an Internal IT slang or prefer a different dialect (that include you Aussie SysAiders...) please feel free to share your translation with other SysAiders.

Follow this link to find your language translation forum and post your own translation.


SysAid Poll of the Month: Is the Recession Hitting IT?

We all read the news, but you know best what's happening in your department's budget.

Please take this quick poll and let us know what you think.

Last month we asked:
what's the biggest challenge IT professionals face in their day-to-day routine? 50% of the SysAiders consider workload as their major issue, keeping credit, income and image in secondary significance.

Workload 25%
Credit 18%
Income 13%
Image 12%
Other 8%

IT Joke: The 12 Bugs of Christmas