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SysAid Survey Says IT Needs to Change to Meet Future Challenges

Survey Respondents Cite Need for New Skills to Meet Consumer-Driven Expectations and Better Manage Customer Relationships

Tel Aviv, Israel – December 11, 2014 – SysAid Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, recently conducted a survey, asking 331 IT and ITSM professionals three quick questions about the future of IT. The results clearly showed that survey respondents believe IT organizations need to change and that trends like consumerization and the emergence of new strategies on improving the customer experience will play a major role in IT’s evolution in the coming years.

The survey consisted of a brief series of questions that explored how respondents thought corporate IT departments would evolve over the next five years, how consumerization of IT would drive employee expectations of corporate IT, how this could potentially disrupt the way companies deliver IT and what IT process or activity is the most important in creating superior user experiences to boost user/customer satisfaction. The results showed that IT organizations need to change, and to change in a number of different ways. The consensus view on the future is a smaller corporate IT department with new skills.

Only 3.6% of respondents think there will no longer be corporate IT departments. Nearly half of respondents (48%) expect IT departments to contain fewer people in five years’ time versus the 28.4% that expect growth in corporate IT team sizes. This expected drop in IT employees could relate to many expected changes in IT operations – greater business unit responsibility for IT, increased use of cloud and other service providers, or the increased use of automation. Finally, 83.7% of respondents see a need for IT professionals to learn new skills versus the 12.6% who feel that IT professionals will only need their current skills. This could relate to new technical skills but also the skills required to manage third-party suppliers and to better engage with the customers and consumers of IT services.

On the question concerning consumerization, only 5.4% of respondents think that consumerization will not affect how corporate IT organizations operate (and an additional 2.4% don’t know what the consumerization of IT is). A skeptical 24.2% think that organizations will invest in consumer-like capabilities such as service catalogs/IT portals but will still be driven by the technology. The remaining 67.9% think that corporate IT organizations need to fundamentally change, with 35% thinking that IT departments and projects will be driven by user/customer needs and expectations rather than the technology and 32.9% thinking that the corporate IT department will need to reinvent itself to match consumer services.

In response to the question about ways to improve the user experience, only one respondent doesn’t think that user experience is important. However, when it comes to the activities organizations will use to improve user/customer satisfaction, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that business relationships and service level management score highly at 42.9% and 19.3% respectively. The choice of incident and problem management by one in five respondents, plus those who called out service desk as an “Other” choice, potentially show siloed thinking and operations within IT organizations – pointing to IT support activities as being key in creating superior user experiences.

“The user experience is about so much more than support, and corporate IT organizations need to understand this if they are to truly meet employees’ consumer-driven expectations around user and service experience,” said Sophie Danby, VP Marketing. “Whether it be through business relationship management or via another means, IT organizations need to invest in processes or activities that allow them to better understand, manage, and meet the expectations of their internal customers.”

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